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Evan Lovel

Electrical Engineer

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​Evan Lovel received his B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Idaho. His current work for the INL has consisted of developing control systems for high temperature furnaces in support of the research efforts within the Pyrochemistry and Molten Salt Systems Department. Additionally, Evan has found a niche designing and overseeing the implementation of new control systems within nuclear hot cells. 

Evan’s previous work for Walsh Engineering in Idaho Falls included industrial control cabinet design, instrument installations, and research experiment design for customers across the INL. His experience at Walsh was invaluable for his career as he was able to find a passion for designing industrial hardware.   

Evan previously held a role as a failure analysis engineer and a sustaining engineer at METER Group, Inc. in Pullman Washington. His time at METER provided him with new skills including printed circuit board design, assembly, and analysis as well as project management experience.        

Outside of work Evan enjoys quality time with friends and family, ideally while on a hiking path to a subalpine lake. 

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