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Nicole Jennings

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‚ÄčNicole Jennings is the administrative assistant supporting the Pyrochemistry and Molten Salt Systems organization. Prior to working at Idaho National Laboratory, she worked for the State of Idaho as an administrative assistant. Nicole lived and worked in eastern Washington until 2017 where she owned and operated an orchard growing cherries, apples, and pears, she also raised horses and angora goats. During this time, she worked for the largest retailer in the world routing and planning groceries for the State of Alaska. Before she changed careers, Nicole worked for large nonprofit treatment facilities as a corporate compliance officer. Nicole is a Notary Public, holds certificates of training for confidentiality, diffusing difficult situations, cultural diversity, and human resources.  Outside of work, Nicole lives on a ranch where she continues to raise and ride horses, enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, camping, and traveling. ‚Äč

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