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Torrey Lyons

Research Areas:
Advanced Vehicles; Analysis and Sustainability; Data Analytics; Mobility Systems and Analytics; Spatial Analysis


Dr. Torrey Lyons is a policy analyst at Idaho National Laboratory in its Energy Storage & Electric Transportation Department. He earned his doctorate in metropolitan planning, policy and design from the University of Utah, from which he also received a Master of Public Policy degree. He holds a bachelor's in environmental studies from the University of Vermont. In 2019, he was awarded a $118,226 from the National Institute for Transportation and Communities, studying, in collaboration with University of Arizona, the use and safety of e-scooters. That same year he also received a $30,000 from the Utah Transit Authority for a study on the effect of transit-oriented development on traffic in a travel corridor. He holds professional affiliations with the Transportation Research Board (TRB), the American Planning Association (APA), and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning.​​


​Lyons, T., McDonald, N. (2022). Last Mile Strategies for Urban Freight Delivery: A Systematic Review. Transportation Research Record (in press)

Ewing, R., Lyons, T., Kiani, F., Siddiq, F., Choi, D., Hamidi, S., Sabouri, S., Baker, J., Barton, A. Growth Management Effectiveness: A Literature Review. Journal of Planning Literature (in press)

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Park, K., Rigolon, A., Choi, D., Lyons, T., Brewer, S. Transit to Parks: An environmental justice study of transit access to large parks in the U.S. West. Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, 127005.

Lyons, T., & Choi, D. A. (2021). Transit Economic Equity Index: Developing a Comprehensive Measure of Transit Service Equity. Transportation Research Record, 2675 Issue 3, 288-300.

Lyons, T., Choi, D., Park, K., Ameli, H. (2020). Safety and nonoptimal usage of a protected bicycle intersection: A before-and-after case study in Salt Lake City, UT. Sustainability, 12, 9195.

Park, K., Sabouri, S., Lyons, T., Tian, G., Ewing, R. (2019). Intrazonal or interzonal? Improving intrazonal travel forecast in a four-step travel demand model. Transportation, 1-22.

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