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Yifeng Che, Ph.D.

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Yifeng Che joined Idaho National Laboratory in 2021 as a Russell L. Heath distinguished postdoctoral associate. Her research interests are focused on developing data driven approaches to accelerate the deployment of advanced nuclear energy systems. Dr. Che develops advanced machine learning and Bayesian inference algorithms for reduced-order modeling, sensitivity analysis and uncertainty quantification, with an objective of enhancing the reliability of fuel performance codes. Dr. Che holds a Ph.D. in nuclear science and engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2021. 


Ph.D., Nuclear Science and Engineering - Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

B.S., Nuclear Science and Technology – University of Science and Technology of China ​


Y.Che, J. Yurko, K. Shirvan, “Machine learning-assisted surrogate construction for full-core fuel performance analysis”, arXiv preprint (2021) arXiv: 2104.09499 

Y. Che, X. Wu, G. Pastore, W. Li, K. Shirvan, “Application of Kriging and Variational Bayesian Monte Carlo Method for Improved Prediction of Doped UO2 Fission Gas Release”. Annals of Nuclear Energy (2021), 153, 108046. 

M. Cooper, G. Pastore, Y. Che, C. Matthews, A. Forslund, C. Stanek, K. Shirvan, T. Tverberg, K. Gamble, B. Mays, A. Andersson, “Fission Gas Diffusion and Release for Cr2O3-Doped UO2: From the Atomic to the Engineering Scale”. Journal of Nuclear Materials (2020), 152590. 

G. Pastore, J.D Hales, Y. Che, K. Shirvan, “Simulation of Cr2O3-doped Fuel Tests in IFA-677 and IFA-716 using BISON”. Halden EHPG, Sandefjord, Norway, 2019 

Y. Che, G. Pastore, K. Shirvan, “Modeling of Cr2O3-doped UO2 as a Near-term Accident Tolerant Fuel for LWRs using the BISON Code”. Nuclear Engineering and Design, 337 (2018): 271-278. 

M. Ševeček, A. Gurgen, A. Seshadri, Y. Che, M. Wagih, B. Phillips, ... & K. Shirvan, "Development of Cr Cold-Spray Coated Fuel Cladding with Enhanced Accident Tolerance.” Nuclear Engineering and Technology. 50(2018): 229-236. 

Y. Che, X. Wu, W. Li, G. Pastore, J Hales, K. Shirvan, “Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis of Fuel Performance Assessment of Chromia-doped Fuel during Large-break LOCA”. Proceedings of TopFuel, 119 (2018): 440-443. 

Wagih, M., Y. Che, and K. Shirvan, "Fuel Performance of Multi-Layered Zirconium Based Accident Tolerant Fuel Cladding". Proceedings of 2017 international congress on advances in nuclear power plants. 49 (2017): 2573. 


​Y. Che (talk), “When data science meets nuclear fuels”. Signature talk at MIT NSE Expo 2021, MIT. MIT, Mar. 2021 

Y. Che (talk), “Application of Variational Bayesian Monte Carlo Method for Improved Fission Gas Release (FGR) Prediction of Doped UO2 Fuel”. TMS 2020, San Diego, CA 

Y. Che (talk), “Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis for Fuel Performance Evaluation of Cr2O3-doped UO2 Fuel under LB-LOCA”. ANS 2018 Winter Meeting and Nuclear Technology Expo, Orlando, FL 

Y. Che (poster), “Chromium Based Accident Tolerant Fuel Concept”. TMS 2018, Phoenix, AZ 

Y. Che (poster), “Accident Tolerant Fuels for Light Water Reactors”. 2017 MIT Energy Night 

Y. Che (talk), “Fuel Performance of Multi-Layered Zirconium Based Accident Tolerant Fuel Cladding”. 2017 International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants (ICAPP2017), Kyoto, Japan 

Y. Che (talk), “Simulation of Coated & FeCrAl Cladding”. Workshop: Modeling and Simulation of Near Term Accident Tolerant Fuels: Progress and Challenges, MIT, Apr. 2017 

Y. Che (poster), “Accident Tolerant Fuels for Light Water Reactors”. 2016 MIT Energy Night 

Y. Che (talk), “Development of Accident Tolerant Fuel Options for Near Term Applications”. CNEA/CGN ATF Workshop on System Assessment and Materials, Shenzhen, China, Jun. 2016 ​

Research Interests:
  • ​​​Nuclear fuel performance modeling

  • Sensitivity analysis and uncertainty quantification 

  • Statistical learning and Bayesian inference 

  • Machine learning 

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