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Gaylen Schuldt

Mission Support Manager

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Mr. Schuldt has been the Mission Support Manager for the Analytical Research Laboratories (ARL) at the Materials and Fuels Complex (MFC) at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) since 2015, where he manages an annual budget of $25 million. Prior to MFC, he worked at the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project in a variety of supervisory and management positions, including Emergency Action Manager, Plant Shift Manager, and Shift Supervisor over the treatment facility, mixed low-level waste, waste handling, and TRU shipping. He maintained qualifications as a level 2 leak tester, primary authorized employee (PAE) for lockout/tagout, certified fissile material handler supervisor, and facility modification process (FMP) lead. He has in-depth experience in several nuclear facility operations and management roles, including current qualification as the ARL Nuclear Facility Manager and Unreviewed Safety Questions (USQ) evaluator. Mr. Schuldt has a  Master of Science degree in Athletic Administration from Idaho State University. 

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