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Kastli D. Schaller

Biomass Preprocessing Researcher

Research Areas:
Biomass Feedstock National User Facility ; Biomass Activities


Kastli Schaller is a biomass preprocessing researcher the INL’s Biofuels and Renewable Energy Technologies department. She has two-plus years experience as a research sales representative for Fisher Scientific. Prior to that, she worked 17 years at the IdNL. She holds a master’s in hazardous waste management from Idaho State University and a bachelor’s in natural resource management from University of Nevada-Reno. Her research experience includes lipid production/extraction in algae for biofuels development; characterization of corn stover using NIR methods; development of protein purification methods using FPLC and HPLC; characterization of proteins from thermophilic/acidophilic bacteria; isolation and characterization of extremophilic enzymes from a thermoacidophilic organism.

M.S., Hazardous Waste Management - Idaho State University
B.S., Natural Resource Management - University of Nevada
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