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Allison Ray, Ph.D.

Group Lead Business Development - Feedstock Particle Mechanics

Research Areas:
Conversion Interface; Feedstock Particle Mechanics; Bioenergy Technologies; Bioenergy Leadership

Dr. Allison Ray is a scientist in the Bioenergy Technologies department at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). She has worked on a number of biomass feedstock logistics projects for the US Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office in support of the deployment of a US bio-refining industry. Her research at INL includes evaluating the impacts of biomass blending and densification on feedstock supply and biochemical conversion performance, identifying biomass chemical and physical properties to support development of a quality-based system for biomass grading, evaluating advanced preprocessing strategies that improve feeding and handling in conversion, in addition to assessing the impacts of drought on biomass quality and performance. Allison graduated with a Ph.D. in environmental microbiology from Idaho State University. Her dissertation focused on microbial reduction of metals for bioremediation of metals and radionuclides in subsurface environments. She received master’s and bachelor’s degrees in biological engineering from Purdue University. Currently, Allison is the Particle Mechanics Group Lead in INL’s Bioenergy Technologies department.

Ph.D., Biology - Idaho State University
M.S., Agricultural and Biological Engineering - Purdue University
B.S., Agricultural and Biological Engineering - Purdue University

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Hofman, G. L., M. K. Meyer and A. E. Ray (1998). DESIGN OF HIGH DENSITY GAMMA-PHASE URANIUM ALLOYS FOR LEU DISPERSION FUEL APPLICATIONS. The 1998 International Reduced Enrichment for Test Reactor Conference, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

​Hofman G.L., Meyer M.K., Ray A.E. 1998. Design of high density gamma-phase uranium alloys for LEU dispersion fuel applications. Proceedings of the International Reduced Enrichment for Test Reactor Meeting, 18–23 October, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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