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Bin Li

Senior staff engineer/scientist

Research Areas:
Energy Storage Technology


Dr. Bin Li is a senior staff engineer/scientist in the directorate of Energy and Environmental Science & Technology at Idaho National Laboratory, leading the research thrusts in the area of transportation and stationary energy storage technologies, spanning from discovering new materials and developing novel technologies for lithium ion and Li metal batteries, redox flow batteries and zinc ion battery to understanding failure modes for batteries impact life and performance. He serves as the technical lead on energy storage R&D at INL and Principle Investigator for multi-projects awarded by DOE. Prior to joining INL, he was a senior scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Dr. Li received his Ph.D. in material science & engineering from Tsinghua University. He was a postdoctoral fellow at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (2010-2011). Dr. Li has published more than 50 peer-reviewed journal papers (Google H-index:34) and filed 10 US patents (issued and pending, one of them was licensed by industries) in the area of energy storage and conversion research area. Dr. Li is also interested in and good at H2/NH3 generation through electrochemical methods, fuel cells, electrolyzers and electrochemical catalysts as well as technology transfer.


Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering – Tsinghua University

B.S., Materials Science and Engineering – University of Science and Technology


Electrochemical Society
American Chemical Society

Materials Research Society
Active Reviewer for ACS, Elsevier, Wiley and NPG journals
Proposal reviewer for DOE offices
Active conference/symposium invited speaker, organizer and chair in the area of energy storage for several professional organizations including MRS, ECS, and ACS.

Invited Media Interview on the development direction of flow batteries in Annual Next-Generation Energy Storage


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