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Dave Pace

Group Lead Business Development Lead - BFNUF

Research Areas:
Robotics; Biomass Feedstock National User Facility ; Bioenergy Technologies; Bioenergy Leadership


David P. Pace is the Biomass National Feedstock User Facility Chief Engineer. Specializing in large complex systems, he is a mechanical engineer with 22 years of research and design experience. He has led the technical side of many large-scale research and design projects while at Idaho National Laboratory, including the development of the biomass process demonstration unit, the development of a new metal nuclear fuel fabrication line and the development of a remote welding and inspection system for the Yucca Mountain Waste Package Closure Project. His interests and expertise lie in the design, fabrication, control and testing of mechanical and electro-mechanical systems, applied robotics, and design of robot deployed devices.


​M.S., Mechanical Engineering - University of Illinois

B.S., Mechanical Engineering - University of Idaho

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Larsen, Eric D., Watkins, Arthur D., Bitsoi, ROdney J., Pace, David P., 2005, "Grinding Assembly, Grinding Apparatus, Weld Joint Defect Repair System, and Methods​",  Patent 6,949,005, September 27, 2005.

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