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Rakesh Batchu, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher

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Dr. Rakesh Batchu is a postdoctoral researcher at Idaho National Laboratory studying carbon interfaces, structure and impacts on performance. He has technical skills with transient and steady state chemical reactors, catalyst synthesis and characterization tools and kinetic modelling. He holds a doctorate in chemical engineering from Ghent University in Belgium, where he researched direct conversion of methane to methanol via a catalytic route by understanding methane interaction with the catalyst, role of surface and gas phase oxygen, and significance of intermediate products along with a detailed kinetic information. He hold a master’s in chemistry from Indian School of Mines in Dhanbad, India.


​Ph.D.,Chemical Engineering, Ghent University

M.S., Chemistry, Indian School of Mines


Batchu, R., Galvita, V. V., Alexopoulos, K., Glazneva, T. S., Poelman, H., Reyniers, M. F., & Marin, G. B.  Ethanol dehydration pathways in H-ZSM-5: Insights from temporal analysis of products. Catalysis Today, doi: (2019).

Theofanidis, S. A., Galvita, V. V., Poelman, H., Batchu, R., Buelens, L. C., Detavernier, C., & Marin, G. B. Mechanism of carbon deposits removal from supported Ni catalysts. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 239, 502-512, doi: (2018).

Batchu, R., Galvita, V. V., Alexopoulos, K., Van der Borght, K., Poelman, H., Reyniers, M. F., & Marin, G. B. Role of intermediates in reaction pathways from ethene to hydrocarbons over H-ZSM-5. Applied Catalysis A: General 538, 207-220, doi: (2017).

Van der Borght, K.†; Batchu, R.†; Galvita, V. V.; Alexopoulos, K.; Reyniers, M.-F.; Thybaut, J. W.; Marin, G. B. Insights into the Reaction Mechanism of Ethanol Conversion into Hydrocarbons on H-ZSM-5. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55, 12817-12821, doi:10.1002/anie.201607230 (2016).

† Equal contributing authorship

Theofanidis, S. A., Batchu, R., Galvita, V. V., Poelman, H., & Marin, G. B. Carbon gasification from Fe–Ni catalysts after methane dry reforming. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 185, 42-55, doi: (2016).

Mandal, S., SinhaMahapatra, A., Rakesh, B., Kumar, R., Panda, A. and Chowdhury, B. Synthesis, characterization of Ga-TUD-1 catalyst and its activity towards styrene epoxidation reaction. Catalysis Communications 12, 734-738, doi: (2011).


​2017 NAM25, Denver, USA

2016 CRF symposium, Blankenberge, Belgium

2016 IAP annual meeting, Liège, Belgium

2015 M2dCR2, Ghent, Belgium

2014 M2dCR2, Ghent, Belgium

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