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Andrea Mack


Research Areas:

Andrea Mack is a Statistician in the Human Factors, Controls, and Statistics Department. She has focused experience in hierarchical modeling and Bayesian spatial prediction for point reference data. At INL her work has ranged from experimental design, sample size calculations, simulation studies, multivariate methods, and generalized linear modeling, across all directorates. She graduated in 2017 from Montana State University with a Master's in Statistics. During her graduate degree she gained experience in statistical consulting and teaching. Following her degree she used temporal and geospatial analyses to study commercial truck platoonability with a large telematics data set at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.


​M.S., Statistics - Montana State University

B.S., Mathematics - Montana State University


​American Statistical Association
National Educators’ Association


​Peterson, D. M., Bowman, J.G.P, Endecott, R.L., Mack, A.L., and Meccage, E.C.G. 2018. "The effects of feeding reduced-lignin alfalfa on growing beef cattle  performance: A preliminary study," Journal of Agricultural Studies.


Lammert, M., Bugbee, B., Hou, Y., Mack, A. et al. 2018. "Exploring Telematics Big Data for Truck Platooning Opportunities," SAE Technical Paper 2018-01-1083,

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