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Jian Gan, Ph.D.

Directorate Fellow, Department Manager of Advanced Characterization, Materials and Fuels Complex

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Dr. Jian Gan is the directorate fellow and department manager of the Advanced Characterization at the Idaho National Laboratory’s Materials and Fuels Complex. He has been dedicated to conducting radiation effects research leading to the development of radiation tolerant materials for 25 years. He has extensive experience using multiple techniques such as light ions, heavy ions, in-situ ion irradiation/microscopy, and neutron irradiation to conduct research focused on the relationships between radiation damage, material microstructure, and material performance on a broad range of reactor structural materials and nuclear fuels. In addition to this effective multidisciplinary approach, Dr. Gan is a recognized international expert in the nanoscale characterization of irradiated fuels and materials using transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Before joining Argonne National Laboratory-West in 2002, he did his post-doc fellowship at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in 1999-2001. He was an assistant professor (1982-1987) and a lecturer (1987-1990) in Physics Department of Fudan University. He has been working as principle researcher and work package manager for many DOE projects and he is the member of OECD-NEA Expert Group on Innovative Structural Materials. 


​Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, September 1999.
M.S. in Nuclear Engineering, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, August 1994.
M.S. in Physics, Central Michigan University, August 1992.
B.S. in Physics, Fudan University, China, July 1982.


(partial list of over 110 peer-reviewed publications)

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