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Steven Aumeier, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor, Nuclear Energy Programs

Research Areas:


Dr. Aumeier serves as Senior Advisor for nuclear energy programs at Idaho National Laboratory. In this role, his focus is to develop strategies, programs, and partnerships to advance U.S. energy security and U.S. competitiveness in global nuclear energy markets. Throughout twenty-five years of service in the national laboratory system, Dr. Aumeier has provided leadership in a variety of roles spanning national and homeland security, clean energy and systems research, nuclear technology, and university research partnerships. His research contributions have emphasized multi-component systems diagnostics, advanced signal processing techniques for radiological signatures assessments, statistical analysis techniques for nuclear data and experiment analyses, integrated energy systems architecture design, and recently global nuclear energy market strategies. He was named to his current post in 2016 after serving for over 5 years as Associate Laboratory Director for Energy and Environment and Director of the Center for Advanced Energy Studies. Prior to this, he served as Director of Energy Systems and Technologies Division, Director of the Energy Security Initiative, and Director of Nuclear Nonproliferation at Idaho National Laboratory. Before joining INL, Dr. Aumeier served for 10 years (1995-2005) with Argonne National Laboratory where he served in various research and leadership positions in nuclear energy and national security research and management, including serving as Deputy Associate Laboratory Director. He also served a special assignment (2002-2003) with the National Nuclear Security Administration in Washington DC as a technical advisor on counterterrorism issues. He has served on or led numerous academic and regional leadership boards and committees including Idaho’s Leadership in Nuclear Energy Commission, Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission, and Idaho Strategic Energy Alliance. Dr. Aumeier holds a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from The University of Michigan (1994) and an MBA from The University of Chicago (2002).


​Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering - University of Michigan

M.S., Nuclear Engineering - Universty of Michigan

M.B.A. - University of Chicago

B.S., General Engineering - Idaho State University



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S.E. Aumeier, R.S. Cherry, R.D. Boardman, and J. Smith, "Nuclear Hybrid Energy Systems:  Imperative, Prospects and Challenges", Energy Procedia (2011).


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Aumeier, S. E., Lee, J. C., Cribley, D. M., and Martin, W. R., “Cross Section Parameterization Using Irradiation Time and Exposure for Global Depletion Analysis of the Slightly Enriched Spectral Shift Reactor,” Nuclear Technology, 108, 299-319 (1994).

Research Interests:

​Commercial nuclear energy global markets and policy

Embedded intelligence for energy systems

Energy, security, and international program strategy

Organizational development

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