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Abdalla Abou Jaoude

deBoisblanc Distinguished Postdoctoral Research Associate

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Dr. Abdalla Abou Jaoude is the deBoisblanc Distinguished Postdoctoral Research Associate at Idaho National Laboratory. His main research focus is on the design and evaluation of the fast neutron Versatile Test Reactor. He is also leading a feasibility study on the deployment of a molten salt experiment loop within the INL Advanced Test Reactor. Abdalla obtained a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His dissertation was on the evaluation of a mixed-spectrum core configuration that improves the proliferation resistance of long-lived reactors. During his PhD, he completed internships at Argonne and Oak Ridge National Laboratories, where he worked on ARC code benchmarks for softer neutron spectrum, and the HFIR LEU-conversion project. He is a Sam Nunn Security Fellow, and completed the TI:GER entrepreneurship program. Prior to coming to the U.S., Abdalla obtained his Masters in Engineering from Imperial College, London. During that time, Abdalla interned at the Paris office of the nuclear utility EDF, and also led a volunteering organization to provide rural electrification to communities in Rwanda.

Digital Profiles:

​Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering - Georgia Institute of Technology
M.E., Mechanical with Nuclear Engineering - Imperial College, London


​American Nuclear Society (ANS)

Institute for Nuclear Material Management (INMM)


​A. Abou Jaoude, N. Stauff, and A. Erickson, “Design Evaluation of a Mixed-Spectrum Long-Lived Reactor Core”, Proceedings of PHYSOR2018, Cancun, April 2018.

G. Maronati, A. Abou-Jaoude, and B. Petrovic, “Impact of Technological Innovation on Nuclear Power Plant Capital Costs”, Proceedings. of ICAPP2018, Charlotte, April 2018.

A. Abou-Jaoude, C. Thomas and A. Erickson, “Neutronic and Thermal Analysis of Composite Fuel for Potential Deployment in Fast Reactors”, Nuclear Engineering and Design, vol. 303, pg. 50-57, July 2016.

C. J. Emmott et al., “Life Cycle Analysis of an Off-Grid Solar Charging Kiosk”, Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technology, Kathmandu, Nepal, September 2012.

A. Abou Jaoude, “Nuclear Counter-Proliferation Intelligence”, In: Technology and the Intelligence Community, Springer, pp. 127-153, (2018).

A. Abou Jaoude and A. Erickson, “Nuclear Energy in the Middle East: Technology Choices and Considerations”, In: Energy Transitions in the Gulf: Key Questions on Nuclear Power, Gulf Research Centre, pp. 103-130, (2018).

Conference Proceedings
A. Abou Jaoude, A. Erickson, “Analysis of Power Peaking Phenomena in Mixed-Spectrum Reactors”, Proceedings of ANS Winter Meeting, Washington DC, October 2017.

A. Abou Jaoude, N. Stauff and A. Erickson, “Design and Evaluation of a Mixed Spectrum Long-Lived Reactor”, Proceedings of GLOBAL2017, Seoul, South Korea, September 2017.

A. Abou Jaoude, A. Erickson and A. Ahmad, “Nuclear Energy in the Middle East: Technology Choices and Considerations”, Gulf Research Meeting, Cambridge, UK, August 2016.

A. Abou Jaoude and A. Erickson, “A Nonproliferation-by-Design Approach for Advanced Nuclear Reactors”, Proceedings of the INMM 57th Annual Meeting, Atlanta, July 2016.

A. Abou-Jaoude and A. Erickson, “Modelling Methods for Tightly Packed Granular Fuel”, Proceedings of Advances in Nuclear Fuel Management V, Hilton Head Island, SC, April 2015.

A. Abou Jaoude and A. Erickson, “Non-Proliferation Characteristics of Composite Nuclear Fuels”, Proceedings of the INMM 55th Annual Meeting, Atlanta, July 2014.

C. J. Emmott et al., “Experiences from Solar Battery Charging Kiosks in Rwanda”, OTTI 3rd Symposium on Small PV-Applications: Rural Electrification and Commercial Use, Ulm, Germany, June 2013.


​GLOBAL2017 International Fuel Cycle Conference outstanding paper award
TI:GER Entrepreneurship program 2015-2016
Sam Nunn Security Program Fellowship 2015-2016
Imperial College Engineering Dean’s List for 2012 and 2013

Research Interests:

​Advanced nuclear reactor design and economics
Reactor physics and neutron transport methods
Fast reactors, molten salt reactors, and mixed-spectrum reactors
Nuclear nonproliferation and security policy

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