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J. Richard Hess, Ph.D.

Director, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Office Program (EERE)

Research Areas:
Bioenergy Technologies


Dr. Hess has recently taken on the role of  Director of  the EERE Program Office. He oversees and leads development of top level strategic planning between EEST and DOE EERE to ensure high impact, integrated, and objective-driven EERE programs at INL. Richard is also the acting Director for the Systems Science and Engineering Division, which includes the departments of Systems Analyses and Engineering and Environmental  and Geological Engineering. Richard managed INL’s Bioenergy Program, which focused on the cost-effective use of lignocellulosic crop residues in biorefining operations. He oversaw the preparation of a higher-value biomass feedstock, and also managed the design and construction of one of DOE’s five biomass demonstration units. Hess holds a doctorate in plant sciences from Utah State University, and master’s and bachelor’s degrees in botany from Brigham Young University. Following graduate school, he served as an Agriculture Congressional Science Fellow in the Washington, D.C., office of Sen. Thomas Daschle. In this role, he supported many important national agriculture research issues, including new and industrial uses of agricultural products, federal grain inspection standards and plant variety protection.


​Ph.D., Plant Science - Utah State University

M.S., Botany - Brigham Young University

B.S., Botany - Brigham Young University

American Society of Agronomy
Crop Science Society of America
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