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Doug C. Crawford

TREAT Division Director

Research Areas:
Nuclear Engineering; Nuclear Fuels


Doug Crawford was appointed Director of the Transient Reactor Test Facility (TREAT) Division in October 2019. Crawford leads strategic and administrative functions and ensures the TREAT operations team is equipped and enabled to meet mission objectives. Previously, he served as MFC Chief Scientist, responsible for compiling strategies to modernize MFC research capabilities to meet INL mission needs, fostering collaborations with nuclear universities and laboratories, and facilitating industrial partnerships to meet fuels and materials research and
development needs. Crawford has also contributed to the Versatile
Reactor Project addressing fuel cycle planning and fuel design. From 1990 to 2007 Crawford worked at Argonne National Laboratory-West and INL. In 2007 he joined GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy in Wilmington, NC, where he led engineering teams supporting boiling water reactor customers with fuel technology, reactor systems and components engineering, and reactor plant mechanical analysis. From 2016 to prior to rejoining INL, Crawford worked at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, as reactor technology leader and GAIN deputy director.

Crawford’s subject matter expertise includes fast reactor and boiling water reactor fuel performance and design, fuel safety testing and licensing, fuel specification, technical leadership and issue resolution, and nuclear materials storage technology.​


Bachelor's degree, metallurgical engineering, University of Idaho, 1984

Master's degree, nuclear engineering, University of Washington, 1986

Doctorate, nuclear engineering, University of Michigan, 1991

MBA, University of Chicago, 2005

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D.C. Crawford and G.S. Was, "The Role of Grain Boundary Misorientation in Intergranular Cracking of Ni-16Cr-9Fe in 360°C Argon and High Purity Water," Metallurgical Transactions A, 23A (1992), 1195-1206.

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D. C. Crawford, A. E. Wright, R. W. Swanson, and R. E. Holtz, “RIA Testing Capability of the Transient Reactor Test Facility,” Proceedings of the IAEA Technical Committee Meeting on Fuel Cycle Options for LWRs and HWRs, Victoria, Canada, May 1998, IAEA-TECDOC- 1122, pp. 99-109.

D. C. Crawford, D. L. Porter, S. L. Hayes, and R. N. Hill, “Fuel Element Design for the Enhanced Destruction of Plutonium in a Nuclear Reactor,” U. S. Patent No. 5,887,044, Issued March 23, 1999.

  • April 2008 GE Hitachi Nuclear Quality Cup Team Member

  • ANS Materials Science and Technology Division 2006 Significant Contribution Award

  • ANS 1996 Young Member Engineering Achievement Award

  • ANL Exceptional Performance Awards

  • ANS Materials Science and Technology Division Scholarship

  • Tau Beta Pi, Phi Gamma Delta chapter Outstanding Senior

  • Ziegler Foundation Scholarship at University of Idaho

Research Interests:

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