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Zach completed his M.S. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Idaho where his research focused on attention and visual information processing. He carries that theme through his work at INL designing digital environments that cater to the strengths of human cognition. Recent work includes modernizing the Advanced Test Reactor-Critical control station. Much of his time at INL has involved collaborations with Palo Verde Generating Station and some work with NuScale bolstering the understanding of control room operations in plants of all types to build optimal digital interfaces. He currently works to improve his skill in streamlining the modernization process. He is interested and seeking opportunities to continue research to curate optimal human-automation collaboration strategies in advanced plants and other data rich environments. Continuing interests include human-automation interaction, interface design, usability, eye-tracking, and connected vehicle research implications.


​M.S., Experimental Psychology and Human Factors Engineering - University of Idaho

B.S. Psychology - University of Idaho


​Automation Research
“Enabling Situation Awareness Under High Levels of Automation: Results From An Experimental Study,” (2015) INL/EXT-15-35791. Authors: LeBlanc, K., Spielman, Z., Bower, G., Oxstrand, J., Bly, A.

“Experimental Study on Levels of Automation and Operator Performance,” (2015) INL/EXT-15-35791. Authors: LeBlanc, K., Spielman, Z., Bower, G., Oxstrand, J., Medema, H.

“Preliminary Framework for Human-Automation Collaboration,” (2015) INL/EXT-15-36522. Authors: Oxstrand, J., LeBlanc, K., Spielman, Z.

Control Room Modernization Research
“Evaluation of Control Room Interface Designs to Support Modernization in Nuclear Power Plants,” (2017) INL/EXT-17-43250. Co-Authors: Kovesdi, C., Hill, R., Oxstrand, J., Spielman, Z., LeBlanc, K., Hansen, Tyson.

“Prototype Design, Analysis, and Results for a Liquid Radiological Waste Control Room,” (2017) INL/EXT-17-43226. Co-Authors: Kovesdi, C., Hill, R., Oxstrand, J., Spielman, Z., LeBlanc, K., Hansen, Tyson.

“Analog, Digital, or Enhanced Human-System Interfaces? Results of an Operator-in-the-Loop Study on Main Control Room Modernization for a Nuclear Power Plant,” (2017) INL/EXT-17-43188. Co-Authors: Boring, R., Ulrich, T., Lew, R., Kovesdi, C., Rice, B., Poresky, C., Spielman, Z., Savchenko, K.

“Application of eye tracking for measurement and evaluation in human factors studies in control room modernization,” (2017) ANS, NPIC & HMIT Conference. Co-Authors Kovesdi, C., Spielman, Z., LeBlanc, K., & Rice, B.

“A summary comparison of design evaluation techniques” (2017) ANS, NPIC & HMIT. Co-Author Hill, Rachael.

“Full Scale Evaluation of How Task-Based Overview Displays Impact Operator Workload and Situation Awareness When in Emergency Procedure Space” (2016) Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics Proceedings. Co-Authors: Hill, R., LeBlanc, K., Rice, B., Bower, G., Joe, J., Powers, D.

“Baseline Study Methodology for Future Phases of Research on Nuclear Power Plant Control Room Technologies,” (2016) INL/EXT 16-39497. Co-Authors: Leblanc, K., Bower, G., Hill, Rachael., Spielman, Z., Rice, B.

“A Pilot Study Investigating the Effects of Advanced Nuclear Power Plant Control Room Technologies: Methods and Qualitative Results,” (2015) INL/EXT-15-36432. Co-Authors: Leblanc, K., Powers, D., Joe, J., Spielman, Z., Rice, B., Fitzgerald, K.

“Measuring Human Performance in Simulated Nuclear Power Plant Control Rooms Using Eye Tracking,” (2015) INL/EXT-15-37311. Co-Authors: Kovesdi, C., Rice, B., Bower, G., Spielman, Z., Hill, R., LeBlanc, K.

Attention Research
“Evaluation of a Peripherally-Located Instrument Landing Display with High-Order Control of a Non-Linear Approach and Landing,” (2014) Human Factors and Ergonomics Proceedings. Co-Authors:  Evans, R. T., Holmberg, J. D., & Dyre, B. P.

“Evaluation of peripherally-located instrument landing display under dual-task conditions ,” (2013) International Symposium of Aviation Psychology. Co-Authors: Spielman Z., Vargas J., Hammack T., Bulkley N., Lew R., Dyre B. P.

“Peripherally-located virtual instrument landing displays,” (2011) International Symposium of Aviation Psychology. Co-Authors: Bulkley N. K., Spielman Z., Dyre B. P.

Transportation Research
“Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics in Support of Fleet Safety During Severe Weather,” Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (2017). Co-Authors: Spielman Z., Gertman D. I., Liu H., Traiteur J., Wold S., Wysmuller S., Pray I.

“Traveling to the Future: Human Factors and Ergonomics Integration, Simulation, Field Testing and Strategic Partners in Support of Heavy Vehicle Research,” Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (2015). Co-Authors: Gertman, D. I., Brown, J., & Wold, S.
“Usability Analysis of Bendix Wingman and Comparison of MCI Model “J” 2015 Prototype to 2012 Model,” (2015) INL/LTD-15-34307. Co-Authors: Brown, J., Wold, S.

“MCI 2014 Prototype Model “J” and 2012 MCI Model “J” Comparison,” (2014) INL/EXT-14-32482. Co-Authors: Brown, J., Wold, S.

“Playing Charades With Your Car – The Potential of Free-form and Contact-based Gestural Interfaces for Human Vehicle Interaction” (2013) Human Factors and Ergonomics Proceedings  Co-Authors: Ulrich, T. A., Spielman, Z., Holmberg, J., Hoover, C., Sanders, N., Gohil, K., & Werner, S.

Eye-Tracking Research
“Quantifying the Contribution of Individual Display Features on Mental Workload to Support Human-System Interface Design in Nuclear Power Plants,” (2018) 9th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and ergonomics. Authors: Kovesdi, C. R., Katya, L. L., Zachary, S. A., Hill, R. A., & Oxstrand, J. H. (2018).

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