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Sera White

Group Lead - Computing

Research Areas:

Sera White is the computing lead for Idaho National Laboratory’s Advanced Transportation team. Her research focuses on analyses of large disparate data sets, automated data processing, geographic information systems, and data visualization. Additionally, she is responsible for the design, development and deployment of the Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity (AVTA) Data Warehouse. The AVTA Data Warehouse contains data related to various types of advanced vehicles and charging stations. She directs and coordinates the work of various employees, interns and graduate research assistants. She holds a master’s in geographic information science and a bachelor’s in computer science, both from Idaho State University.

Digital Profiles:
M.S., Geographic Information Systems - Idaho State University
B.S., Computer Science - Idaho State University

Roberts, David, F. Wagner, J. Francfort, S. White.  Drive Electric Vermont: EV Market Transformation in Small and Midsized Communities. EVS29 Symposium, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  June 19-22, 2016.​

White, S.  Determining the Effectiveness of Incorporating Geographic Information into Vehicle Performance Algorithms (Master's thesis) Idaho State University Spring 2012.


Breckenridge, Robert. M. Dankins, S. Bunting, J. Harbour, S. White.  Comparison of Unmanned Vehicle Platforms for Assessing Vegetation Cover in Sagebrush Steppe Ecosystems.  Rangeland & Ecology Management.  September 2011, Vol. 64, No. 5, pp. 521-532.


Francfort, Jim. R. Carlson, M. Kirkpatrick, M. Shirk, J. Smart, S. White.  Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Fuel Use Reporting Methods and Results.  July 2009.  Published on INL AVTA Website (


Duoba, Michael.  R. Carlson, F. Jehlik, J. Smart, S. White.  Correlating Dynamometer Testing to In-Use Fleet Results of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles.  EVS24, Stavanger, Norway 2009.


Smart, John.  J. Francfort, D. Karner, M. Kirkpatrick, S. White.  U.S. Department of Energy – Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity:  Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Testing and Demonstration Activities.  EVS24, Stavanger, Norway 2009.


White, S.  GIS Internet Map Service for Displaying Selenium Concentration Data in the Southeastern Idaho Phosphate Mining Resource Area National Association For Environmental Professionals, Conference Proceedings. April 2005.  Alexandria, VA.


White, S. Archeology, GIS, and the Internet.  ESRI International User Conference Proceedings 2004.


Using Business Analyst to Characterize Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Locations.  ESRI International User Conference 2013.


Geographic Information System for Visualization of PHEV Fleet Data. DOE Annual Merit Review, Washington DC, June 2010.


The Southeastern Idaho Selenium Information System. Intermountain Conference on the Environment. Idaho State University. September 2005 Pocatello, ID.


Archeology, GIS, and the Internet.  ESRI International User Conference 2004.

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