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Troy Garn


Research Areas:
Chemical Separations; Gas/Solid separations; Nuclear fuel cycle

Troy G. Garn has over 30 years of experience in both operations and research areas at Idaho National Laboratory pertaining to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle. In the operations sector he was actively engaged in the front end of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, from shipping/receiving and handling nuclear fuel to eventual dissolution and product denitration to solid form. Ultimately, Mr. Garn transferred to the research sector working on the experimental development of solvent extraction flowsheets for selective actinide partitioning including design and operation of associated solvent extraction equipment. Over his tenure, Mr. Garn has acquired extensive research experience in gas-solid separations, liquid-liquid solvent extraction, ion exchange, solid-liquid separations, and glass vitrification/solidification of HLW solutions. Currently as a research scientist, Mr. Garn’s responsibilities include Principal Researcher of a program studying the capture of volatile radioactive fission products as well as Project Manager associated with Nuclear Fuel Cycle training programs for the Department of Homeland Security and the US military. Mr. Garn has 12 published journal articles and written numerous external reports, including one international publication, and authored numerous papers presented at various conference proceedings. Mr. Garn also is the inventor on three US patents and one other accepted patent application. Mr. Garn attended Idaho State University studying in the general engineering curriculum. Later, Mr. Garn completed the Process Technology curriculum at Eastern Idaho Technical College with a cumulative 4.0 G.P.A. earning a scholarship for high academic excellence. Most recently, Mr. Garn completed the University of Idaho graduate course, Chemistry 516 “Methods in Radiochemistry”. Mr. Garn has worked for 30 years at the INL. His current position of Research Scientist resides in the Aqueous Separations and Radiochemistry Group in the Nuclear Science and Technology Directorate.


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​GARN, T.G., LAW, J.D, GREENHALGH, M.R, TRANTER, T.J, 2014, "Composite media for fluid stream processing, a method of forming the composite media, and a related method of processing a fluid stream", Patent 8,686,083, April 1, 2014.

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​2018 R&D 100 Special Recognition Silver Award in the Green Technology Category for the Phosphate Sponge Technology, Troy Garn, Mitchell Greenhalgh, Jack Law, and Steve Hammon, Orlando, FL Nov 2018

Outstanding Partnership Award, Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Far West Region, Phosphate Sponge for Remediation of Algae Blooms Technology, Gary Smith, Troy G. Garn, Jack D. Law, Mitchell Greenhalgh and Steve Hammon. July 2018


2018 R&D 100 Nomination for the APR Phosphate Sponge, Troy Garn, Mitchell Greenhalgh, Jack Law, Steve Hammon, Mike Irish, March 2018


Early Stage Technology Innovation of the Year, Idaho Innovations Award 2017 Finalist, The APR Phosphate Sponge, Troy Garn, Mitchell Greenhalgh, Jack Law, Steve Hammon, Mike Irish, September 2017


Outstanding Technology Development Award, Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Far West Region, Remediation of Toxic Algae Blooms, Troy Garn, Mitchell Greenhalgh, Jack Law, Steve Hammon, Mike Irish,  August 2017

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