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Trina Pettingill

Administrative Assistant

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‚ÄčTrina Pettingill is an administrative assistant in the Pyroprocessing Technology Department at Idaho National Laboratory. In this capacity, she provides administrative support for the Pyroprocessing Department, including foreign travel submittals into the FTMC system, coordinating moves, organizing meetings, and submitting milestones and other documents.

Ms. Pettingill has more than 30 years of administrative experience. In addition, she has served as senior communications specialist for the site under EG&G and provided support for technology transfer. She also has extensive experience in preparing technical documents for submittal to DOE and experience in compiling requests for proposals (RFP). She attended Idaho State University where she completed coursework in organizational development. Outside of work, she gives a lot of her time to the United Way and Junior Achievement program. She also enjoys riding her motorcycle, gardening, and spending time with her kids and grandkids.

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