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Pattrick Calderoni


Research Areas:
Nuclear instrumentation; Molten salt reactors; Fusion energy

Pattrick Calderoni is the Manager of the INL Measurement Science Department and the In-Pile Instrumentation (I2) program, part of the US Department of Energy Nuclear Energy Enabling Technology (NEET) activities. He has personnel and technical oversight over the development of nuclear instrumentation, with emphasis on innovative sensors development for irradiation test of fuels and materials. Dr. Calderoni has more than 20 years’ experience in the development of fission and fusion energy systems and testing of nuclear components. He contributed to the design and operation of experiments in several nuclear research facilities worldwide, including the INL Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) and Transient Reactor Test Facility (TREAT), the Monju reactor in Japan, research reactors in The Netherlands (High Flux Reactor - HFR), Belgium (BR2) and Norway (Halden Boiling Water Reactor - HBWR). His technical and leadership skills consolidated during the 5 years deployed as project manager for ITER, a large-scale scientific experiment under construction in the south of France with the aim of demonstrating the viability of nuclear fusion as energy source. In this capacity he was responsible for the development of the instrumentation and control system (I&C) of two complex components of the ITER machine, the Helium Cooled Lithium Lead (HCLL) and Helium Cooled Pebble Bed (HCPB) Test Blanket Modules (TBMs). Dr. Calderoni previously led the experimental activities of the Safety and Tritium Applied Research (STAR) facility at INL, where he provided significant contributions to the characterization of tritium interaction with materials and the development of liquid metal and molten salt technologies for fusion energy systems.

Digital Profiles:

​Ph.D.,  Mechanical Engineering - UCLA

M.S., Mechanical Engineering - UCLA

B.A. Nuclear Engineering - Universita' di Bologna, Italy


​Project Management Institute – Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate
IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society


Peer-reviewed publications
R. Skifton, J. Palmer, P. Calderoni, Optimization of heat treatment and calibration procedures for high temperature irradiation resistant thermocouples, Instrumentation Science and Tech., 14 (2017) 1-15.

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Books, proceedings and other publications
P. Calderoni, C. Cabet, Molten salt reactors, in: D. Feron, Nuclear corrosion science and engineering, Woodhead Publishing Ltd (2012) ISBN 978-1-84569-765-5, pp 842-865.

P. Calderoni, M. Angelone, A. Klix, D. Leichtle, Preliminary Engineering Assessment of the HCLL and HCPB Neutron Activation System, Proceeding of the 4th International Conference on Advancements in Nuclear Instrumentation Measurement Methods and their Applications (ANIMMA), 2015, DOI: 10.1109/ANIMMA.2015.7465530.

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P. Calderoni, On the study of vapor condensation for the assessment of Inertial Fusion Energy liquid chamber clearing, Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California, Los Angeles, 2004.



HTIR thermocouples, iCorps program (2018)

HTTL (2016)

MPFD, KSU intern (2016)

HTIR thermocouples (2011)

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