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Amber Hoover

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Research Areas:
Biomass Feedstock National User Facility ; Biomass Activities


Amber Hoover is a bioenergy research scientist in Idaho National Laboratory’s Biofuels and Renewable Energy Technologies Department. She is focused on generating fuels and products from renewable biomass resources and sees her mission as part of a larger effort to develop technologies that will produce advanced biofuels from non-grain plant materials. She is a member of the Conversion Interface Performance and Characterization Project, investigating key properties of biomass materials to form a base understanding of the expected material quality and developing models that correlate conversion and biomass characteristics. She is also involved in research related to biomass densification, pelleting processes, and the effects of drought in biochemical conversion processes. She most recently co-authored an article in Bioresource Technology on pelleting processes and their effects on the physical properties and sugar yields of AFEX pre-treated corn stover.
Hoover also supports biofuels research at INL by serving as the Group Lead for the Biomass Characterization Lab. She holds a master’s degree in biology from Idaho State University and a bachelor’s degree in biology from Penn State University.

M.S., Biology - Idaho State University
B.S., Biology - Pennsylvania State University
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