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Douglas Porter

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Research Areas:

Dr. Douglas L. Porter is currently an Idaho National Laboratory Fellow. Dr. Porter received his Ph.D. in Metallurgy and Materials Science from Case Western Reserve University in 1977. Formerly Deputy Division Director, Nuclear Technology Division, and Senior Scientist with Argonne National Laboratory, he participated in and then managed the groups that developed, fabricated, and set performance limits for driver and blanket fuels for the Experimental Breeder Reactor II. For several years he managed Fuel Development for the Integral Fast Reactor project. Earlier, he served as the Argonne National Laboratory representative to the National Cladding and Duct Program, specializing in void swelling of iron and nickel-based alloys under development for use in fast reactors. He also worked on radiation effects of ceramic materials for the Fusion Reactor Materials Program. He currently works on several fuel development programs. With more than 40 years of experience in studying the effects of radiation on materials and fast reactor fuel development, he has nearly one hundred external and peer reviewed publications, more than seventy technical internal reports, and more than 1,500 citations. He has four patents granted.


​Ph.D., Metallurgy a nd Materials Science - Case Western Reserve University


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Research Interests:

​1. Nuclear Fuels (fabrication and performance)

a. Sodium-cooled fast reactor metallic fuels (performance, design, qualification)
b. Plate fuel for research reactors (performance and qualification)
c. LWR fuel (CRUD formation)

2. Radiation Effects on Materials

a. Void Swelling in Stainless Steels
b. Irradiation Creep in Stainless Steels
c. Radiation Effects on Structural Ceramic Materials
d. Tritium Breeder Ceramic Performance

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