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Stephen Novascone, Ph.D.

Mechanical Engineer

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Stephen Novascone is a computational scientist at Idaho National Laboratory (INL), with a background/education in mechanical engineering. After finishing his Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at Utah State University in 1998, he had a brief stint at Thiokol, analyzing rocket motors. Raised in Idaho and wanting to return, he seized an opportunity to work at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory in 1999. Since then, he has spent most of his 20+ year career at INL working on a variety of engineering projects, including research on geo-material sensors, which was the topic of his dissertation at the University of Idaho (Ph.D. 2003).  Since 2010, he has worked as a developer of Bison, INL’s state-of-the-art nuclear fuel performance code.  His role on the Bison team is to develop light water reactor, fast mixed oxide and metallic fuel simulation capability and evaluate the code against experimental measurements. While working on Bison, Stephen has authored/co-authored many peer-reviewed archival journal articles and delivered numerous presentations at national and international forums. According to Google Scholar, these publications have a citation count of > 800. Other notable achievements include patents for geo-material sensors and material testing apparatus for armor systems.

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