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Ahmad Al Rashdan

Research and Development Scientist

Research Areas:

Ahmad Al Rashdan, Ph.D. has more than 12 years of industrial and research experience in automation, instrumentation and control including three years at INL, six years at ABB, three years at Texas A&M University, and one year at the IAEA. He also worked for Daimler Chrysler-Mercedes Group and Fraunhofer Institute for Production and Automation in Germany. His experience includes automated and electronic work packages, wireless instruments, in-pile instrumentation, control systems design and development, online-monitoring for prognostics and diagnostics of nuclear systems, image processing, and automated modeling and simulation. He is a senior IEEE member and author of several publications and technical reports. He is also a reviewer of several nuclear energy and IEEE journals, and Department of Energy grants.

Digital Profiles:

​Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering - Texas A & M University

M.S., Information Technology and Automation Systems - Esslingen University of Applied Science, Germany

B.S., Mechanical ENgineering - Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan




​Al Rashdan, A., Oxstrand, J. and Agarwal, V., 2018. Automated Work Packages: Capabilities of the Future. Nuclear Technology, 202(2-3) pp.201-209.

Al Rashdan, A., St Germain, S., Boring, R., Ulrich, T. and Rice, B., 2017. Automated Work Packages: Radio Frequency Identification, Bluetooth Beacons, and Video Applications in the Nuclear Power Industry (INL/EXT-17-43264), Idaho National Laboratory (INL).

Al Rashdan, A., Unruh, T., and Daw, J. 2017. Automated Post-irradiation Examination of SiC Monitors for Peak Irradiation Temperature Measurement: Holder Design and Preliminary Results (INL/EXT-17-41729), Idaho National Laboratory (INL).

Al Rashdan, A., Agarwal, V., 2016. Automated Work Packages: Initial Wireless Communication Platform Design, Development, and Evaluation, Transactions Of The American Nuclear Society, Vol. 114, No. 1, pp. 319–322.

Al Rashdan, A., Lew, R.  Hanes, L., Kovesdi, C., Boring, R., Rice, B. and Ulrich, T., 2016.  Control Room Modernization Early Design Study for the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station  (INL/LTD-16-39901), Idaho National Laboratory (INL).

Unruh, T., Daw, J., and Al Rashdan, A., 2015. Silicon Carbide Temperature Monitor Processing Improvement (INL/EXT-15-36738), Idaho National Laboratory (INL).

Al Rahdan, A. and Tsvetkov, P., 2015. Parametric evaluation of an SMR design domain, Annals of Nuclear Energy, 85, pp. 958–978.

Parma, E., Wright, S., Vernon, M., Fleming, D., Rochau, G., Suo-Anttila, A., Al Rashdan, A. and Tsvetkov, P., 2011. Supercritical CO2 Direct Cycle Gas Fast Reactor (SC-GFR) concept (SAND2011-2525), Sandia National Laboratories.

Research Interests:

​Nuclear Instrumentation and Control
Nuclear Sensors
Online Monitoring

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