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Andrew Smolinski

Reactor Systems Engineer/Nuclear Facility Manager

Research Areas:
Nuclear Engineering; Nuclear; Neutron/ion irradiation damage of nuclear materials



​M.S. Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics, University of Wisconsin – Madison, 2002

B.S. Nuclear Engineering, University of Wisconsin – Madison, 2002


​National Organization of Test, Research, and Training Reactors (TRTR)


1.      Neutron Radiography of Irradiated Nuclear Fuel at Idaho National Laboratory

Author(s): Craft, Aaron E.; Wachs, Daniel M.; Okuniewski, Maria A.; et al.

Source: Proceedings of the 10th World Conference on Neutron Radiography (Wcnr-10) Volume: 69 Pages: 483-490 Published: 2015


2.      Evaluation of Neutron Radiography Reactor LEU-Core Start-Up Measurements

Author(s): Bess, John D.; Maddock, Thomas L.; Smolinski, Andrew T.; et al.

Source: Nuclear Science and Engineering Volume: 178 Issue: 4 Pages: 550-561 Published: DEC 2014


3.      The Impact of Water Saturation in Graphite Reflector Blocks on NRAD Benchmark Simulation

Author(s): Bess, J.D.; Smolinski, A.T.

Source: Transactions of the American Nuclear Society Volume: 110 Pages: 638-40 Published: 2014

Research Interests:
  • Reactor Physics Testing
  • In-core Experimentation
  • Neutron Imaging
  • Neutron Diffraction
  • Reactor Instrumentation and Control Systems
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