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Steven Herrmann

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Steven worked at Argonne National Laboratory – West from 1994-2005 and has been with Idaho National Laboratory since 2005. He has researched, designed, developed, and demonstrated numerous technologies centered around pyrochemical and electrochemical processes for used nuclear fuel recycling and alkali metal handling. He served as a Principal Investigator and Campaign Manager for a recent Joint Fuel Cycle Studies program with U.S. and international collaborators. Steven is an appointed member of the Nuclear Energy Agency’s Expert Group on Fuel Recycling and Waste Technology. He has authored or co-authored more than 20 peer-reviewed journal articles, over 40 conference proceedings, and seven patents. Steven has a BS in Chemical Engineering (Brigham Young University), a Masters in Business Administration (Idaho State University), and a PhD in Chemical Engineering (University of Idaho). He is a licensed Professional Engineer in both nuclear and chemical engineering. Before joining ANL-W, Steven attended the Naval Nuclear Power School as a Westinghouse Electric employee and worked as a Nuclear Plant Engineer and Shift Supervisor for the A1W nuclear power plant at the Naval Reactors Facility from 1990-1994.​​

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