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Scott Wilde

Expeditor for the fuel fabrication and characterization department: facilitate research work to meet DOE and INL milestones Scheduler - schedules and financially tracks work packages

Research Areas:
Analytical Chemistry; Nuclear Fuels; Nuclear


Mr. Scott Wilde has been with INL (formerly Argonne National Laboratory-West) since 1977, a span of forty-plus years. Mr. Wilde has worked in many positions of increasing responsibility over his years at the INL. Scott has focused his energies on hands-on research with nuclear fuels and materials specializing in gloveboxes, hot cells, inert atmosphere systems, and, finally, financial planning and scheduling for the Advanced Fuels Campaign.
Mr. Wilde started out as a senior engineering technician at the Hot Fuels Examination Facility from 1977-1984. There he became an expert at manipulator use, shielded cask work, radioactive shipments, cranes and special nuclear material handling equipment. Then Scott moved to Safeguards and Security work until 1998. In that capacity, Scott ensured compliance with regulations dealing with receipt, storage, and transfer of nuclear material within and outside of INL. He was also involved with tracking and storage of precious metals, source materials, packaging of radioactive materials.
From 1998-2007, Scott worked as a Senior Scientific Technician. In this position, Scott learned and was responsible for maintaining all aspects of the Analytical Laboratory (AL). These included facility instrumentation, scientific equipment, gloveboxes and hot cells. Mr. Wilde also served as the MBA custodian and precious metals custodian for the AL. In this role, Scott was responsible for ensuring the accounting for all SNM and precious metals in the AL.
From 2007-2011, Mr. Wilde served as shift supervisor in the AL. Scott managed a team of technicians and was responsible for overseeing of the equipment, work within the facility, support organization’s interaction with the facility, and coordinating and ensuring the technical work done in the facility was represented on the plan of the week. Mr. Wilde continued to perform the MBA custodian responsibilities.
Currently, Mr. Wilde currently serves as an expeditor for the fuel fabrication and characterization department at MFC. In this job, Scott interfaces with the fuels group project managers and facility personnel to expedite and facilitate research work on projects to meet DOE and INL milestones. In addition, Scott serves as the point of contact between the tenant and operations and maintenance organization to provide resources to correct facility deficiencies to meet deliverables. Mr. Wilde has trained on P-6 planning and scheduling software to help with the scheduling and financially tracking of work packages within the program. He works with project managers to input the scope and budgets for each work package into PICS and tracked the progress of those work accounts throughout the year.

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