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Kevin Tolman

Postdoctoral Research Associate; Instrument Scientist

Research Areas:
Nuclear Fuels; Materials Science and Engineering; Thermophysical Properties of Nuclear Fuel Materials



​Ph. D. in Materials Science & Engineering, Boise State University, 2016

Focus on microstructural characterization and structure-property relationships in dielectrics, ferroelectrics, and ionic conductors

National Postdoctoral Association2017 – 2018
Material Science & Engineering Club Member and Officer (treasurer)2015 – 2016

American Ceramic Society & Materials Advantage

National Society of Leadership and Success

2013 – 2016

2010 – 2015

Golden Key International Honor Society2010 – 2015
  1. L. He, J. M. Harp, A.R. Wagner, R.E. Hoggan, K.R. Tolman, (2017) "Hydrothermal synthesis of silicon oxide clad uranium oxide nanowires", Journal of the American Ceramic Society. [in press]
  2. Tolman, K.R. and Ubic, R., (2016) "An empirical model for perovskite tetragonality." Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 690, 825-835.
  3. Tolman, K., Ubic, R., Liu, B., Williamson, I., Bedke, K., Nelson, E. B., … & Chen, X. M. (2016). "Empirical Evidence for ASite Order in Perovskites." Journal of the American Ceramic Society.
  4. K. Tolman, R Ubic, WM Kriven, H Kungl. "Structural Effect of Aliovalent Doping in Lead Perovskites." Journal of Solid State Chemistry. 225 (2015): 359-367.
  5. K. Tolman. "Vacancy Modeling in Lead Titanate and Lead Zirconate Titanate." Ceramic transactions 249 (2014) (1042-1122): 215.
  6. R. Ubic, K Tolman, K Chan, N Lundy, S Letourneau, WM Kriven. "Effective size of vacancies in aliovalently doped SrTiO3 perovskites." Journal of Alloys and Compounds. 575 (2013): 239–245.

2017 Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Award

2016 Departmental Distinguished Achievement Award form Micron School of Materials.

2016 Boise State University Alfred M. Dufty, Jr. Graduate Travel Award.

2012 Department of Materials Science Service Award.

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