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Magen Coleman


Research Areas:
Analytical Chemistry


Magen completed her postdoctoral work in nuclear forensics at Los Alamos National Laboratory working in the Actinide Analytical Chemistry group. Before coming to the Materials and Fuels Complex in March 2017, Magen worked at Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory in the Radio and Analytical Chemistry group, with her work focusing on gamma spectroscopy. In the Analytical Laboratory at MFC, her work focuses on multi-collector ICP-MS as well as counting systems, particularly gamma and alpha spectroscopy.


​B.S. in Chemistry and Latin, University of Mary Washington, 2006
Ph.D. in Radioanalytical Chemistry, University of Missouri, 2010


M.E. Coleman, E. Bond, W.A. Moody, L. Tandon.  "The analysis of uranium-232: Comparison of radiochemical techniques and an improved method by alpha spectrometry." Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, DOI 10.1007/s10967-012-2072-8.

M.E. Coleman, M.D. Glascock, J.D. Robertson.  "A new method for the analysis of titanium, barium, and arsenic in obsidian via epithermal neutron activation analysis," Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 2010, [].

Research Interests:

​Isotopic ratios, IDMS, and counting systems, particularly gamma and alpha spectroscopy

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