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Matthew Jones

R&D Scientist

Research Areas:
Analytical Chemistry; Nuclear Fuels


Matthew Jones has been working at the Materials and Fuels Complex Analytical Laboratory for 6 years. Matt is qualified as an AL general core worker, AL hot cell worker, and glovebox worker. He is the AL point of contact for Joint Fuel Cycle Studies and is qualified to operate the TIMS and ICP-AES. He is also capable of performing various dissolutions, sample preparation, separations, and data analysis for a multitude of fuel types.


​B.S. Chemistry, Idaho State University

Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, University of Idaho – currently pursuing

Research Interests:
  • Low uncertainty Curium analysis of nuclear fuel by MC-ICP-MS

  • Low uncertainty Iodine analysis of nuclear fuel by TIMS

  • Quantitative isotopic spatial profiling of nuclear fuel/cladding utilizing a laser ablation system coupled to a micro dissolution apparatus

  • Gas Pressurized Extraction Chromatography (GPEC) in-line with ICP-AES allowing for trace elemental analysis of nuclear materials

  • GPEC coupled to a Time Of Flight-Mass Spectrometer (TOF-MS) for generating higher resolution elution curves for resins

  • GPEC coupled to TOF-MS for rapid isobaric free quantitative analysis of nuclear fuel

  • In-situ measurements of molten salts utilizing UV-VIS and Raman spectroscopy

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