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Ross Kunz, Ph.D.


Research Areas:

Dr. M. Ross Kunz is statistician for Idaho National Laboratory developing high-dimensional data visualization in 2D/3D environments and explainable AI techniques. His explainable AI work focuses on the fusion of machine learning and physics applied to a variety of tasks including chemical kinetics, nuclear process control, geology and electric vehicles. He has developed a 3-D visualization framework that allows emergency planners to simulate responses to various safety and security scenarios. His visualization has been presented at the White House and is now being used by federal, state and municipal leaders to plan for expanded use of electric vehicles. He holds a PhD in statistics from Florida State University and a bachelor’s in statistics from Idaho State University. Before joining INL in January 2015 he was a statistician for Michelin of North America.


​Ph.D., Statistics- Flordia State University

M.S., Statistics - Florida State University

B.S., Statistics - Idaho State University


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