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John Smart

Mobility Systems & Analytics Group Lead, Business Development Lead - Advanced Vehicles

Research Areas:
Mobility Systems and Analytics


John Smart leads a group of talented scientists and engineers in INL’s Mobility Systems & Analytics Group who will transform transportation by enabling intelligent management of connected, electric, and autonomous mobility. During John’s 12-year tenure at INL, he has formed and led cross-functional teams of experts in transportation, energy storage, power systems, cybersecurity, data science, and machine learning. As a business development leader, John has led teams to foster successful partnerships with over 50 Fortune 500 companies and startups, ensuring that INL research will benefit industry, the government, and the nation. Under his leadership, John’s teams have produced research findings that have influenced automotive technology development, energy infrastructure design and deployment, state and federal regulatory proceedings, and national policy decisions.
Prior to joining INL, John spent six years at Ford Motor Company, leading powertrain product development and manufacturing teams from multiple automakers and suppliers. He played a key technical role in a highly acclaimed, unprecedented joint development program with General Motors.
John is an accomplished technical leader and speaker, having authored or co-authored over 50 peer-reviewed publications and technical reports. He has given over 20 invited presentations at conferences and workshops and has represented INL as a technical adviser to the White House, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Transportation, and several private companies. John earned a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Brigham Young University and an MBA from Boise State University.
John, his wife, and their three sons love exploring the Idaho wilderness together. John is an avid scouter and enjoys teaching leadership and outdoor skills to his sons and their peers.

Digital Profiles:

​B.S., Mechanical Engineering - Brigham Young University


Peer-reviewed journal articles

Yi, Zonggen, Don Scoffield, John Smart, Andrew Meintz, Myungsoo Jun, Manish Mohanpurkar, and Anudeep Medam. "A highly efficient control framework for centralized residential charging coordination of large electric vehicle populations." International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems 117 (2020): 105661.

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Peer-reviewed conference papers

Smart, John, Warren Powell, and Stephen Schey. "Extended range electric vehicle driving and charging behavior observed early in the EV project." SAE World Congress. SAE Technical Paper 2013-01-1441. SAE International, 2013.

Smart, John, Matthew Shirk, Ken Kurani, Casey Quinn, and Jamie Davies. "Electricity demand of PHEVs operated by private households and commercial fleets: effects of driving and charging behavior." International Electric Vehicle Symposium 25. Shezhen, China. November 2010.

Gonder, Jeff, Aaron Brooker, Richard Barney Carlson, and John Smart. "Deriving in-use PHEV fuel economy predictions from standardized test cycle results." IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference, pp. 643-648. IEEE, 2009.

Iu, Huang-Yee, and John Smart. "Determining PHEV Performance Potential–User and Environmental Influences on A123 Systems' Hymotion™ Plug-In Conversion Module for the Toyota Prius." International Electric Vehicle Symposium 24. Stavanger, Norway. May 2009.

Iu, Huang-Yee, and John Smart. "Report on the Field Performance of A123Systems' Hymotion™ Plug-In Conversion Module for the Toyota Prius." 2009 SAE World Congress. SAE Technical Paper 2009-01-1331. SAE International, 2009.

Invited presentations

Smart, John. "Advanced Fueling Infrastructure Pillar Research Findings to Date."DOE SMART Mobility Consortium Executive Advisory Board Meeting. August 2019.

Smart, John, Richard Carlson, and Ken Rohde. "Consequence-driven Cybersecurity for High Power EV Charging Infrastructure." I3P Webinar: EV Cybersecurity Webinar. May 2019.

Smart, John. "Charging Infrastructure for Shared and Autonomous EVs." Webinar Series: The Future of Light-Duty Fuel Economy Technologies and Infrastructure. National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. April 2019.

Smart, John. "Energy Efficient Mobility Systems: The US DOE's Research on SMART Mobility – Advanced Fueling Infrastructure Pillar." ITS World Congress. Montreal, QC. October 2017.

Smart, John. "Shared, Autonomous, Electric EVs and How to Charge Them." EV Roadmap 10. Portland, OR. June 2017

Smart, John and Yutaka Motoaki. "Autonomous Electric Vehicles for Mobility as a Service: What Charging Infrastructure is Required?" SAE 2017 Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technologies Symposium. Pasadena, CA. February 2017.

Smart, John. "U.S. Department of Energy Grid Modernization Vehicle Grid Integration Projects." Third Annual California Multi-Agency Update on Vehicle-Grid Integration Research. Sacramento, CA. December 2016.

Smart, John. "INL Plug-in Electric Vehicle and Charging Infrastructure Data." White House / Department of Energy Electric Vehicle Datathon. November 2016.

Smart, John. "Plug-in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Deployment and Grid Integration Research." EV/Utility Industry Nexus Conference. San Diego, CA. November 2016.

Smart, John. "DC Fast Charging and Demand Charges." Oregon Utility Engagement Work Group Meeting. September 2016.

Smart, John. "INL Advanced Transportation Research and DOE SMART Mobility." Energy Connected Conference. Boise, ID. March 2016.

Smart, John.  "Plugged In: How Americans Charge Their Electric Vehicles." University of Central Florida EV Summit. Orlando, FL. October 2015.

Smart, John. "Charging Infrastructure Use Profiles and Installation Costs for 17,000 Units." Transportation Research Board 2015 Annual Meeting. Washington, DC. January 2015.

Smart, John. "Workplace Lessons Learned through the Nation's Largest PEV Charging Projects." DOE Workplace Charging Challenge Summit. Alexandria, VA. November 2014.

Smart, John. "EV Charging Infrastructure Usage in Large-scale Charging Infrastructure Demonstrations: Public Charging Station Case Studies for ARB." Plug-in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Information Gathering Meeting of the California Air Resources Board. Sacramento, CA. May 2014.

Smart, John, and Sera White. "Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Usage Observed in Large-scale Charging Infrastructure Demonstrations." National Academy of Sciences Committee on Overcoming Barriers to EV Deployment Open-Session Meeting. Irvine, CA. February 2014.

Smart, John. "PEV Infrastructure Deployment Costs and Drivers' Charging Preferences in the EV Project." SAE 2014 Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technologies Symposium. La Jolla, CA. February 2014.

Smart, John. "Trends Observed in Plug-in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Demonstrations." SAE 2014 Government/Industry Meeting. Washington, DC. January 2014.

Smart, John. "U.S. Department of Energy's Vehicle Technologies Program - A Summary of Results Thus Far from The EV Project." National Governor's Association State and Local Plug-in Electric Vehicle Workshop. July 2012.

Smart, John. "Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity – Plug-in Electric Vehicle Demonstration Results (Thus Far)." SAE 2012 Hybrid Symposium. Anaheim, CA. February 2012.

Smart, John. "U.S. Department of Energy Vehicle Technologies Program's Plug-in Electric Vehicle and Charging Infrastructure Demonstrations." IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting Electric Vehicle Super Session. Detroit, MI. July 2011.

Smart, John and Stephen Schey. "Introduction to the EV Project:the Largest Deployment of Electric Vehicles and Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Ever Undertaken." SAE 2011 Hybrid Symposium. Anaheim, CA. February 2011.

Smart, John and Jim Francfort. "U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity Vehicle Testing and Demonstrations." Plug-In 2010. San Diego, CA. July 2010.

Smart, John. "Reducing Vehicle Petroleum-based Fuel Consumption: What are Our Options?" Small Cities Council Steering Committee Meeting. Rexburg, ID. August 2008.

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