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Hailong Chen, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Computational Scientist

Research Areas:
Computational mechanics


Dr. Chen is a postdoctoral computational scientist who has done extensive research in computational mechanics with nonlocal discrete models. Chen received his master’s in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida and his Ph.D. from Arizona State University. Chen’s research includes studies in fracture phenomena of homogeneous isotropic solids and nonlocal lattice particle framework investigating microstructural effects on mechanical performance of 2D polycrystalline materials.


​Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering - Arizona State University

M.S., Mechanical Engineering - University of Florida


​"Deformation and Failure Analyses of Cross-ply Laminates Using a Nonlocal Discrete Model" H. Chen, Y. Liu, Composite Structures, (2016), 152, 1007-1013.


"Numerical Investigation of Microstructure Effect on Mechanical Properties of Bi-continuous and Particulate Reinforced Composite Materials" H. Chen, L. Meng, S. Chen, Y. Jiao and Y. Liu, Computational Materials Science, (2016), 122, 288-294.


"A Novel Discrete Computational Tool for Microstructure-sensitive Mechanical Analysis of Composite Materials" H. Chen, Y. Xu, Y. Jiao and Y. Liu, Materials Science and Engineering: A, (2016), 659, 234-241.


"A Nonlocal Lattice Particle Model for Fracture Simulation of Anisotropic Materials" H. Chen, Y. Jiao and Y. Liu, Composites Part B: Engineering, (2015), 90, 141-151.


"A Nonlocal 3D Lattice Particle Framework for Elastic Solids" H. Chen, Y. Liu, International Journal of Solids and Structures, (2015), 81, 411-420.


"Investigating the Microstructural Effect on Elastic and Fracture Behavior of Polycrystals Using a Nonlocal Lattice Particle Model" H. Chen, Y. Jiao and Y. Liu, Materials Science and Engineering: A, (2015), 631, 173-180.


"A Generalized 2D Non-local Lattice Spring Model for Fracture Simulation" H. Chen, E. Lin, Y. Jiao and Y. Liu, Computational Mechanics, (2014), 54(6), 1541-1558.


"Finite Element Implementation of a Non-local Particle Method for Elasticity and Fracture Analysis" E. Lin, H. Chen and Y. Liu, Finite Elements in Analysis and Design, (2014), 93, 1-11.


"A Novel Volume-Compensated Particle Method for 2D Elasticity and Plasticity Analysis" H. Chen, E. Lin, Y. Liu, International Journal of Solids and Structures, (2014), 51(9), 1819-1833.


"Method for Imposing Boundary Conditions on Reissner-Mindlin Plates for Analysis Using Structured Background Mesh" H. Chen and A. V. Kumar, Computers & Structures, (2014), 138(1), 1-11.


"Calculation of Follower Motion Error for a Swing Flat Face Follower Plate Cam" J. Lin, H. Chen and H. Mao, Machine Design and Research, (2010), 26(2), 17-20.

Research Interests:

​Nonlocal Discrete Models

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