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Don Scoffield

Vehicle Systems Engineer

Research Areas:
Mobility Systems and Analytics


Don R. Scoffield is a vehicle systems engineer at Idaho National Laboratory who collects and analyzes data from plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), hybrid electric vehicles, and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).  Don is a power system engineer who is currently carrying out the power quality testing of production PEVs and EVSEs at the INL.  Don has over 10 years of experience in software development and data analysis.  He has been the primary developer of several large software development projects.  He wrote the software for an EVSE that automates the characterization of PEV charging across any number of distinct charge rates.  He has developed software that uses triangulation to determine the most likely locations where PEVs park.  Don has also developed several tools used to post process data from PEV data loggers as well as data from simulation tools.  Prior to working at the INL Don worked at the Western Electricity Coordinating Council where he ran production cost simulations on the western interconnection.  He holds a bachelor’s in electrical engineering and is pursuing his master’s degree through the University of Idaho.


​B.S., Electrical Engineering - Brigham Young University


Markel et al. (2015 May). Multi‐Lab EV Smart Grid Integration Requirements Study.Technical Report NREL/TP‐5400‐63963.


Schey S., Scoffield D., Smart J. (2012 May). A First Look at the Impact of Electric Vehicle Charging on the Electric Grid in the EV Project. Paper presented at the Electric Vehicle
Symposium 26, Los Angeles, CA.


​DOE Vehicle Technologies Office Distinguished Achievement Award, 20105

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