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Shawn Salisbury

Vehicle Testing Engineer

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Shawn Salisbury works in the INL’s Energy Storage and Transportation Systems department as a vehicle testing engineer. Shawn comes to INL from Ft. Collins, Colo., where he recently earned his master’s in mechanical engineering at Colorado State University. As a graduate student, Shawn led CSU's ECOCar team to design, build, and test a full-size highway capable plug-in hybrid fuel cell vehicle. He and his teammates were highly recruited by major auto companies because of their ECOCar experience. Shawn's academic and practical experience and prior INL internship will allow him to make immediate contributions to INL's vehicle and battery testing work.


​M.S., Mechanical Engineering - Colorado State University

B.S., Mechanical Engineering - Colorado State University


​Salisbury, S., Bradley, T., Bucher, J., and Geller, B., “Detailed Analysis of a Fuel Cell Plug-in Hybrid Demonstration,” SAE International, 2014-01-1925, 2014.

Smart, J., Bradley, T., and Salisbury, S., "Actual Versus Estimated Utility Factor of a Large Set of Privately Owned Chevrolet Volts," SAE Int. J. Alt. Power. 3(1):30-35, 2014.

Salisbury, S.D., Geller, B.M., Bradley, T.H., and Fox, M., “Detailed Design of a Fuel Cell Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle,” SAE International, 2013-01-0560, 2013.

Bradley, T.H., et. al., “Design of a Fuel Cell Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle in a Range Extending Configuration by Colorado State University for the EcoCAR2 Competition,” SAE International, 2012-01-1765, 2012.


​DOE Vehicle Technologies Office Distinguished Achievement Award, 2015

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