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Subhashish Meher, Ph.D.

Materials Scientist

Research Areas:
Advanced Characterization; Materials Science and Engineering; Microstructural modeling


Dr. Subhashish Meher is a staff materials scientist in Materials Science and Engineering. Since coming to INL in 2014, he has been associated with the Material Science and Engineering department, where he is researching the extended microstructural stability of high refractory containing nickel-base superalloys, using atom probe tomography and microstructural modeling. He has also done a comparative study of coarsening kinetics of gamma prime precipitates in both nickel and cobalt-base superalloys in which he took new approaches of coupling orientation microscopy with atom probe tomography. Dr. Meher was a recipient of Master and Doctoral Fellowship for four years at the University of North Texas. He has co-authored eighteen peer-reviewed publications, including publication in Nature and Science family of journals.

Digital Profiles:

​2014 - Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering - University of North Texas

2010 - B.Tech., Metallurgical Engineering - Malaviya National Institute of Technology, India


​Organizer of the Additive Manufacturing for Energy Applications symposium, at TMS 2019 at San Antonio, Texas.

Organizer of the Advanced Characterization of Components Fabricated by Additive Manufacturing symposium, at Microscopy and Microanalysis 2019 at Portland, Oregon.


​S. Meher, L.K. Aagesen, M.C. Carroll, T.M. Pollock, L.J. Carroll: The design and stability of nanostructural hierarchy in nickel-base superalloys, Science Advances, 4 (2018) eaao6051.

S. Meher, I. J. van Rooyen, T. M. Lillo, A novel dual-step nucleation pathway in crystalline solids under neutron irradiation, Scientific Reports, 8 (2018) 98.

S. Meher, M.C. Carroll, T.M. Pollock, L.J. Carroll: Precipitate coarsening in - ’ nickel-base superalloy with low interphase interfacial energies, Materials and Design, 140 (2018) p 249-256.

J. Rosales, I.J. van Rooyen, S. Meher, R. Hoggan, C. Parga, J. Harp: Effect of High Si Content on U3Si2 Fuel Microstructure, Accepted in The Journal of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society 70(2) (2018) p 209-213.

A. Devaraj, D.E. Perea, J. Liu, L. Gordon, T.J. Prosa, P. Parikh, D.R. Diercks, S. Meher, R.P. Kolli,
Y.S. Meng, S. Thevuthasan: Three-dimensional nanoscale characterization of materials by atom probe tomography, International Materials Reviews, 63(2) (2018) p 68-101.

S. Makineni, S. Sandeep, S. Meher, R. Banerjee, S. Bhattacharya, S. Kumar, K. Chattopadhyay: Engineering dual morphology nano-precipitates leading to extensive strengthening of the matrix- a case study in aluminum alloys, Scientific Reports, 7 (2017) p 11154.
S. Meher, G.B. Viswanathan, S. Nag, H.L. Fraser, R.


Banerjee: Determination of the γ′/γ interface width in Co-Al-W alloys via coupled aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography, Scripta Materialia, 121 (2016) p 23-27.


S. Meher, G.B. Viswanathan, S. Nag, H.L. Fraser, R. Banerjee: Determination of the γ′/γ interface width in Co-Al-W alloys via coupled aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography, Scripta Materialia. 121 (2016) p 23-27.

S. Meher, L.J. Carroll, T.M. Pollock, M.C. Carroll: Solute partitioning in multi-component γ/γ′ Co–Ni-base superalloys with near-zero lattice misfit, Scripta Materialia, 113 (2016) p 185-189.

S. Meher, T. Rojhirunsakool, P. Nandwana, J. Tiley, R. Banerjee: Determination of solute site occupancies within ’ precipitates in nickel-base superalloys via orientation-specific atom probe tomography, Ultramicroscopy, 159 (2015) p 272-277.

H.P. Ng, P. Nandwana, A. Devaraj, M. Samblanet, S. Nag, P. Nakashima, S. Meher, C.J. Bettles, M. Gibson, H.L. Fraser, B.C. Muddle, R. Banerjee: Conjugated precipitation of twin related  and Ti2Cu phase in a Ti-25V-3Cu Alloy, Acta Materialia, 84 (2015) p 457-471.  

S. Meher, P. Nandwana, T. Rojhirunsakool, J. Tiley, R. Banerjee: Probing the crystallography of ordered phases by coupling orientation microscopy with atom probe tomography, Ultramicroscopy, 148 (2015) p 67-74.

D. Choudhuri, N. Dendge, S. Nag, S. Meher, T. Alam, M.A. Gibson, R. Banerjee: Homogeneous and heterogeneous precipitation mechanisms in a binary Mg-Nd alloy, Journal of Materials Science, 49 (20) (2014) p 6986-7003.

S. Meher, R. Banerjee: Partitioning and site occupancy of Ta and Mo in Co-base γ/γ' alloys studied by Atom Probe Tomography, Intermetallics, 49 (2014) p 138-142.

D. Choudhuri, S. Meher, S. Nag, N. Dendge, J.Y. Hwang, R. Banerjee: Evolution of a honeycomb network of precipitates in a hot-rolled commercial Mg–Y–Nd–Zr alloy, Philosophical Magazine Letters, 93 (2013) p 1-10.

T. Rojhirunsakool, S. Meher, J.Y. Hwang, S. Nag, J. Tiley, R. Banerjee: Influence of composition on monomodal versus multimodal γ′ precipitation in Ni–Al–Cr alloys,  Journal of Materials Science, 48 (2) (2013) p 825-831.

S. Meher, T. Rojhirunsakool, J.Y. Hwang, S. Nag, J. Tiley, R. Banerjee:  Coarsening behavior of gamma prime precipitates and concurrent transitions in the interface width in Ni-14 at% A1-7 at% Cr, Philosophical Magazine Letters, 93 (2013) p 521-530.

S. Meher, S. Nag, J. Tiley, A. Goel, R. Banerjee: Coarsening kinetics of γ′ precipitates in cobalt-base alloys, Acta Materialia, 61 (2013) p 4266-4276.

S. Meher, H.Y. Yan, S. Nag, D. Dye, R. Banerjee: Solute partitioning and site preference in γ/γ′ cobalt-base alloys, Scripta Materialia, 67 (2012) p 850-853.

Conference Proceedings

T.M. Lillo, I.J. van Rooyen and S. Meher, Grain boundary characteristics of SiC in irradiated, AGR-2 TRISO particles, HTR 2018 (International Conference on High Temperature Reactor) paper. Accepted.

I.J. van Rooyen, S. Meher and J. Rosales, Effects of neutron irradiation damage on fission product transport in the SiC layer of TRISO fuel particles", HTR 2018 (International Conference on High Temperature Reactor) paper. Accepted.


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​“Correlative orientation microscopy and atom probe tomography on nickel and cobalt-base superalloys”, Microscopy & Microanalysis 2016 conference, Columbus, Ohio. INVITED

“Inverse Coarsening of  γ’ precipitates in Nickel-base Superalloys” at TMS 2016 annual conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

“Atomic scale observation of the structure and composition of γ/γ' interfaces and solute partitioning across these interfaces in cobalt-base alloys”, at International Workshop on Advanced Co-based Superalloys 2015, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland.

“Extended microstructural stability in high refractory containing nickel-base superalloys” at TMS 2015 annual conference in Orlando, Florida.


​2015 Recipient of Exceptional Contributions Award at Idaho National Laboratory

2010-2014 Recipient of Master and Doctoral Fellowship at University of North Texas

Research Interests:

​High Temperature Metallic Materials

Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy

Chemical Imaging using Atom Probe Tomography

Microstructure Modeling, and Kinetic Simulations

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