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Alexander Abboud, Ph.D.

Chemical Engineer

Research Areas:
CFD Simulations; Multiphase flow modeling


Dr. Alexander W. Abboud is a chemical engineer with expertise in multiphase flow modeling, specifically with past experience in particle modeling with applications of aqueous precipitation and coal combustion, as well as analysis, validation and development of CFD simulations. His current research at INL includes CFD modeling of glass waste melters for vitrification of legacy waste, and modeling wind flows for use in dynamic line ratings of power transmission lines.

He conducted research at the University of Utah’s Institute for Clean and Secure Energy with focus in: development of quadrature method of moments in computational fluid dynamic code with large eddy simulation; development of a synthetic turbulent inlet condition in CFD code to accurately reflect non-constant velocity profiles at high Reynolds numbers in the domain; development conditional quadrature method of moments to model N-dimensional internal coordinates of particles in the codebase; and development of a parsing tool for library look-up of aqueous phase chemistry and flamelet combustion modeling using DARS.

Dr. Abboud also has experience as an associate lecturer in numerical methods courses at the University of Utah. He was an engineering intern at ST Cardio Technologies, LLC.

Digital Profiles:

​Ph.D., Chemical Engineering - University of Utah

B.S., Chemical Engineering - University of California






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Conference Papers
Guillen, D.P., Abboud, A.W. and Pokorny, R. “Computational Experiments to Characterize Bubble Formation and Movement in Waste Glass Foam Layer.” Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics. August 18-23, 2019, Portland, OR.

Abboud A.W. and Huang, H., “Reactive CFD of Dry Storage of Unsealed Canisters of Aluminum Clad SNF” Waste Management Symposium 2019. March 3-7, 2018, Phoenix, AZ.

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A. Abboud and D. Guillen, "Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Bubbling in a Viscous Fluid for Validation of Waste Glass Melter Modeling," Advances in Thermal Hydraulics 2016, New Orleans, LA, June 12-16, (2016).

A. Abboud, D. Guillen and R. Pokorny, "Heat Transfer Model of a Small-Scale Waste Glass Melter with Cold Cap Layer," 11th International Meeting on Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics, Operation and Safety, Gyeongju, Korea, October 9-13, (2016).


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"Population Balance Modeling with QMOM in Large Eddy Simulation for Calcium Carbonate Precipitation." Abboud, A. Saad, T., Ring, T., Smith, S. AIChE Annual Meeting (2011), Minneapolis, MN.

Research Interests:

​Multiphase flow modeling, specifically in particle modeling with applications of aqueous precipitation and coal combustion

Analysis, validation and development of CFD simulations

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