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Daniel Antonio

Postdoctoral Research Assignee

Research Areas:
Extreme Conditions Research


Dr. Daniel Antonio is a postdoctoral physicist with experience in extreme conditions research. He maintained and routinely used multiple types of diamond anvil cells adapted for high pressure and conducted low-temperature synchrotron X-ray experiments up to 50 GPa. He has experience loading diamond anvil cells with oxygen and water-sensitive samples in a glovebox; assembling and loading piston clamp cells for use in electronic transport measurements up to 3 GPa in a quantum design PPMS and various other cryostats; and acting as a primary coordinator and operator for a QD PPMS with heat capacity, magnetic susceptibility, electronic transport, and thermal transport options.

Dr. Antonio participated in experiments at various synchrotron beamlines at the Advanced Photon Source in Argonne National Laboratory and the Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, as well as pulsed field measurements at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He has performed various techniques under high pressure, including: PowderX-ray diffraction, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, fluorescence, and resonant inelastic X‐ray scattering. He has worked with many different types of samples, including: unsealed radioactive sources, unconventional superconductors, geometrically frustrated pyrochlores, heavy fermion materials, and depleted uranium compounds.


​Ph.D., Physics - University of Nevada Las Vegas

M.S., Physics - University of Nevada Las Vegas

B.S., Physics - University of Nevada Las Vegas




​"High pressure effects on U L3  x-­‐ray absorption near edge structure (XANES) and single crystal x-­‐ray diffraction in heavy fermion UCd11  compound" Farzana Nasreen, Daniel Antonio, Derrick VanGennep, Andrew Cornelius, Corwin H. Booth Eric Bauer, Karunakar Kothapalli, Barbara Lavina, Curtis Kenney, Benson, Stanislav Sinogeikin, Changyong Park,   Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter.


"The Hardest Superconducting Metal Nitride" Shanmin Wang, Daniel Antonio, Xiaohui Yu, Jianzhong Zhang, Andrew L Cornelius, Duanwei He, Yusheng Zhao, Scientific Reports (2015), 5:13733.


"High pressure transport and structural studies on Nb3Ga superconductor" Vahe Mkrtcheyan, Ravhi Kumar, Jason Baker, Anthony Connolly, Daniel Antonio. Andrew Cornelius, Yusheng Zhao, Physica B Condensed Matter (2015), 459.


"Effect of Pressure and Temperature on Structural Stability of MoS2" Nirup Bandaru, Ravhi S. Kumar, Daniel Sneed, Oliver Tschauner, Jason Baker, Daniel Antonio, Sheng Nian Luo, Thomas Hartmann, Yusheng Zhao, Rama Venkat, The Journal of Physical Chemistry (2014), 118(6):3230–3235.


"ChemInform Abstract: Technetium Tetrachloride Revisited: A Precursor to Lower-­‐Valent Binary Technetium Chlorides" Erik V Johnstone, Frederic Poineau, Paul M Forster, Longzou Ma, Thomas Hartmann, Andrew Cornelius, Daniel Antonio, Alfred P Sattelberger , Kenneth R Czerwinski, Inorganic Chemistry (2012), 51(15):8462-­‐7.


"Pressure effect on crystal structure and superconductivity of La0.8Th0.2FeAsO" Ravhi S. Kumar, Daniel Antonio, M. Kanagaraj, S. Arumugam, Andrew L. Cornelius, Stanislav Sinogeikin, J. Prakash, Gohil S. Thakur, A. K. Ganguli, T. Hartmann and Y. Zhao, physica status solidi (RRL) -­‐ Rapid Research Letters (June 2011) 5(5-­‐6).


"Pressure induced structural transition and enhancement of superconductivity in Co doped CeFeAsO" Ravhi S. Kumar, Daniel Antonio, M. Kanagaraj, S. Arumugam, J. Prakash, Stanislav Sinogeikin, Gohil S. Thakur, A. K. Ganguli, Andrew Cornelius, Yusheng Zhao, Applied Physics Letters (January 2011), 98(1):012511-­‐012511-­‐3.


"Polarized inelastic neutron scattering of the partially ordered Tb2Sn2O7" K. C. Rule, G. Ehlers, J. R. Stewart, A. L. Cornelius, P. P. Deen ,Y. Qiu, C. R. Wiebe, J. A. Janik, H. D. Zhou, D. Antonio, B. W. Woytko, J. P. Ruff , H. A. Dabkowska, B. D. Gaulin, J. S. Gardner, Physical Review (December 2007) 76(21).


"Dynamics of diluted Ho spin ice Ho2-­‐xYxTi2O7  studied by neutron spin echo spectroscopy and ac susceptibility" G. Ehlers, J. S. Gardner, C. H. Booth, M. Daniel, K. C. Kam, A. K. Cheetham, D. Antonio, H. E. Brooks, A. L. Cornelius, S. T. Bramwell, J. Lago, W. Häussler, N. Rosov, Physical Review B (April 2006), 73(17):174429.


"Antiferromagnetism in Pr3In" AD Christianson, J. M. Lawrence, J. L. Zarestky, H. S. Suzuki, J. D. Thompson, M. F. Hundley, J. L. Sarrao, C. H. Booth, D. Antonio, AL Cornelius, Physical Review B (July 2005), 72(2).


​"Study of Matter at Extreme Conditions (SMEC)" Caribbean Cruise (March 2013).


"Pressure-­‐Induced Valence change in Ytterbium Organometallic Molecule Cp*2Yb(4,4'-­‐Me2-­‐bipy)" Daniel Antonio, Farzana Nasreen, Andrew Cornelius, Corwin H. Booth, Yuming Xiao, Paul Chow SSAP Symposium (March 2015), Santa Fe  NM.


"X-­‐Ray Absorption Studies of Pressure Induced Valence Change in CeCu2Ge2" Daniel Antonio, Farzana Nasreen, Andrew Cornelius, Eric Bauer, Daniel Haskel.

Research Interests:

​Extreme Conditions Research

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