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Stuart R. Jensen

Director of MFC Engineering

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Stuart R. Jensen is the director of Engineering and Projects for Idaho National Laboratory’s Materials and Fuels Complex. He holds a master’s in manufacturing systems engineering from Stanford University and a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Brigham Young University. He began his career as a designer of remote handling equipment for fuel storage basins and hot cells, where he led implementation of solid-modeling based engineering and manufacturing techniques. He then worked as an analyst and supervisor in the analysis group, performing a variety of engineering analyses including impact simulations, thermal analyses, computational fluid dynamics, seismic analysis, and blast effects simulations. Next, at INL’s Advanced Test Reactor, he led a comprehensive seismic assessment of all ATR safety- related structures and equipment. In 2014, Jensen moved to the Materials and Fuels Complex to serve as the Deputy Director for Research. In this brief role he has become familiar with MFC facilities, equipment, personnel, and programs, and engaged on behalf of MFC senior management with laboratory-wide management systems. He serves on the American Society of Civil Engineers working group for Dynamic Analysis of Nuclear Structures, co-authoring the ASCE 4 and ASCE 43 standards.


Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, Brigham Young University

Mmaster’s in manufacturing systems engineering, Stanford University

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