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Boryann Liaw, Ph.D.

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Dr. Boryann Liaw currently is a Directorate Fellow at Idaho National Laboratory (INL). He joined INL in May 2016 as Department Manager of Energy Storage and Advanced Vehicles. The department operates Battery Technology Center (BTC), Non-destructive Battery Laboratory for Evaluation (NOBLE), and Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Laboratory (EVIL) with facility and a wide range of testing capabilities to conduct performance, reliability, safety, and failure analyses of energy storage systems, advanced vehicles, charging devices and infrastructure, grid and behind-the-meter storage, and cybersecurity studies. Since early 1990s, Dr. Liaw has been involved in R&D activities comprising laboratory and real-life battery and vehicle testing, data collection and analysis, battery modeling and simulation, battery performance and life prediction, battery fast charging technology development, and battery failure mode and effect analyses. Before joining INL, Dr. Liaw was a faculty member at University of Hawaii at Manoa for 28 years, co-founder of Ambient Micro and founder of High Power Research Laboratory. He received his bachelor’s in chemistry from National Tsinghua University in Taiwan, his master’s in chemistry from University of Georgia, and doctorate in materials science and engineering from Stanford University. Dr. Liaw is a Fellow of the Electrochemical Society, actively involving in professional services which include membership in several editorial boards, executive boards and associate editorships. He is past President of International Battery Materials Association (IBA) and serves as scientific advisors for several international and national programs including Department of Energy’s Energy Frontier Research Center at Stony Brook University. His recent accomplishments include Asian American Engineer of the Year (2019) and IBA Technology Award (2020).


​Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering - Stanford University

M.S., Chemistry -  University of Georgia

B.S., Chemistry - National Tsing-Hua University



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06/20 Guest Editor, Focus Issue on Battery Reliability, Safety and Mitigation, Journal of the Electrochemical Society.

01/19 Editorial Advisory Board, eTransportation, Elsevier. 

04/15 – 09/17 Associate Editor. Journal of the Electrochemical Society. The Electrochemical Society.

2013 – present Editorial Advisory Board, Ionics, Springer Nature.

2009 – 2010 Guest Editor, Proceedings of International Battery Association-Pacific Power Source Symposium 2010, as a special volume in the Journal of Power Sources.

2006 – 2007 Guest Editor, Proceedings of International Battery Association-Hawaii Battery Conference 2006, published as a special volume in the Journal of Power Sources.

2006 – present Assoc. Editor. Journal of Asian Electric Vehicles.​​


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​2​​​​020: Technology Award, International Battery Materials Association (IBA).

2019: Asian American Engineer of the Year. 

2016: Fellow. The Electrochemical Society.

2015: International Battery Association Service Award.

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