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Michael Hagood

Director, Program Development, Energy & Environment Science and Technology

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Michael Hagood is the Director of Regional Initiatives at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), where he provides leadership in advancing energy and security innovation in support of Northwest and Intermountain West energy transitions.  Mike works across the INL mission areas, the Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) and with other regional partners to assess strategic opportunities and develop impactful research and development programs.

Prior to this position, Mike was the Program Development Director for the INL Energy and Environment Science and Technology directorate, focused on advanced transportation, clean energy integration, advanced manufacturing, and environmental assurance.  During the same period, he served as the Deputy Director for Program Development at CAES, an energy research and education consortium comprising INL, Boise State University, Idaho State University, University of Idaho, and University of Wyoming.

During his more than 35-year career, Hagood has worked extensively in the energy and environmental fields, including working for several years in Europe, the Middle East and Far East. Hagood has testified before the U.S. House Committees on Science Space and Technology and Natural Resources on the development of unconventional fossil energy resources. Mike currently sits on the Board of the CleanTech Alliance and advises EPA on water security R&D.  He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in geology and is a registered geologist and hydrogeologist in the state of Washington.


​M.S., Geology - Portland State University

B.S., Geology - Oregon State University

Licensed Geologist & Hydrogeologist, State of Washington, No. 2408


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1999.  Wouters, L., Herron, M., Abeels, V., Hagood, M., Strobel, J. , 1999.  Applications of Dual Range Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy to Boom Clay Mineralogical Analysis in Aardkundige Mededelignen, Vol. 9. Leuven University Press, Belgium.


1998.  Croussouard, P., Hagood, M., Win P., Lewis, R., Strobel, J., 1998.  Applications of High-Resolution Borehole Geophysical Logging to Argillaceous Formations Pertinent to Nuclear Repository Siting.  Summary of presentation to the June 3, 1998 NEA Clay Club Topical Session:  Detection of Sedimentary and Structural Heterogeneities and Discontinuities with Argillaceous Formations, Brussels, Belgium.


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1993. Hagood, M.C., T.M. Brouns, G.H. McCabe, and S.L. Stein.  Investigation of the Feasibility of an International Integrated Demonstration of Environmental Cleanup Technologies in eastern Europe/Former Soviet Union. Proceedings of the 1993 International Conference on Nuclear Waste Management and Environmental Remediation; Prague, Czech Republic, P. 615-620.


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1986.  Leonhart, L.S., Frankel P.C. and Hagood, M.C., Structural Segregation of Sub-Basin Within the Columbia Plateau Regional Aquifer; [abs.] EOS, Transactions, American Geophysical Union, v. 67, No. 44.

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