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Devin Imholte

Mechanical Engineer

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Devin Imholte is an Experiment Design Engineer at Idaho National Laboratory. His INL engineering experience has included mechanical engineering and systems engineering. Experiment Design Engineer (2018-Present): His mechanical engineering experience has included leading mechanical design and integration of the Advanced Test Reactor Non-Destructive Examination System (ANDES) and supporting the Minimal-Activation Retrievable Capsule Holder (MARCH) experiments for the Transient Reactor Test Facility (TREAT). Systems Engineer (2014-2018): His system engineering experience has included roadmapping and system dynamics supply chain analysis. He has developed technology roadmaps and timelines for numerous (20+) projects for the Critical Materials Institute (CMI). From 2014-2018, he managed >$1M in DOE funding as principal investigator of a project that analyzed CMI research and critical material supply chains to characterize CMI R&D impact. He holds a bachelor’s in engineering from James Madison University and is pursuing a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Idaho.

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B.S., Engineering - James Madison University

Masters of Science, Mechanical Engineering - University of Idaho (currently pursuing)


American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Idaho Falls Adult Soccer Association - President


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