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Mindy (Kirkpatrick) Gerdes

Technical Specialist

Research Areas:
Mobility Systems and Analytics


Mindy Gerdes is a technical specialist in Idaho National Laboratory’s Advanced Transportation group. She is responsible for data collection of vehicle test data, import, processing, analysis, technical report reviewing and writing, literature searches and interfacing with more than 100 external organizations and the general public. She coordinates technical editing support for reports and graphic arts support for the development of public event materials. She earned her associate’s degree in civil engineering technology and her bachelor’s in geomatics technology from Idaho State University. In 2015 she was honored with the DOE Vehicle Technologies Office Distinguished Achievement Award.


​B.S., Geomatics Technology - Idaho State University

A.A., Civil Engineering Technology - Idaho State University


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​Carlson, Richard, J. Francfort, M. Kirkpatrick, M. Shirk, J. Smart.  PHEV Testing and Demonstration Activities Conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy's AVTA.  September 2009.  Published on INL AVTA Website (


​DOE Vehicle Technologies Office Distinguished Achievement Award, 2015
ECP Award for the excellent work and dedication in getting the INL Advanced Transportation  website design, built, and on-line
Leap Award for Efforts in Gaining Knowledge and Proficiency in the TRU Waste Characterization Process and Development of the TRU Program Requirements
Leap Award for Efforts in coordinating of the 97-1 program technical meeting
Leap Award for Superior Performance in Preparation of the OU 7-10 Staged Interim Action Project Stage II 30% Design
Spirit of Excellence Award for an exemplary job of preparing for and hosting and intensive succession of visits and demonstrations for Power Testing program participants, experimentalists, reviewers and managers
ECP Award for successful development of the Idaho Explosives Detection System and its acceptance and recognition as one of three near-term deployable technologies by DHS and winner of the Christopher Columbus Award

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