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Hong Hu, Ph.D.

Chemical engineer and staff scientist

Research Areas:
Process Analytics; Biological Processing; Chemical Processing


Dr. Hongqiang Hu is a chemical engineer and staff scientist in the Software Engineering and Data Analytics Department from 2014. His research at INL involves many multiple cross-disciplinary areas including bioenergy process analysis, process simulation for integrating energy systems, development of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) for cladding materials, biomass pre-processing, and economic market analysis for nuclear power fleets. He has extensive experience on various bio-/chemical process design and development using AspenPlus, HYSYS, and SuperPro to perform engineering analysis, process simulation, techno-economic analysis (TEA), and has practical experience on life-cycle analysis (LCA) using SimaPro.
Prior to joining INL, Dr. Hu worked with Advanced Green Innovations LLC, where he led the bioenergy program applying microbial electrochemical systems (MES) and anaerobic digestion for bio-electricity and bio-hydrogen generation from various solid and liquid waste streams. Before studying at United States, he worked for Sulzer Chemtech as an applications engineer in Singapore focusing on designing chemical columns and other separation systems.
Dr. Hu has many peer reviewed publications with a citation over 1,600 times. He holds a doctorate in biological and ecological engineering from Oregon State University, a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from National University of Singapore, and a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from ZhengZhou University.


​Ph.D., Biological Engineering - Oregon State University

M.S., Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering - National University of Singapore

B.S., Chemical Engineering - Zhengzhou University


​American Chemical Society
American Institute of Chemical Engineer


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Research Interests:

​Design and development of bio/chemical processes, process analytics, microbial electrochemical systems, bioenergy/biofuel/biopower, techno-economic analysis, hydrogen production.

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