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Julie Connolly

GIS Analyst/Cartographer

Research Areas:
Information Systems and Process Analytics


Julie Connolly is a GIS analyst and cartographer at Idaho National Laboratory. She is primary cartographer for the Feasibility Assessment of the Water Energy Resources of the U.S. for New Low Power and Small Hydro Classes of Hydroelectric Plants. She creates and maintains maps for the INL Comprehensive Land Use and Environmental Stewardship Report. For the past 20 years has been a major contributor to the INL Geospatial Science and Engineering group. She is database administrator and coordinator of the Facility Planning Database, responsible for maintaining the Web page, facility status changes, D&D activities, ownership changes and FIMS updates. She holds a bachelor’s degree in applied technology from Idaho State University.


​B.S., Applied Technology - Idaho State University

A.A.S., Computer Sciences - Idaho State University


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