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Joshua Kane, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist

Research Areas:
Materials Properties and Performance


Dr. Joshua J. Kane is a staff scientist at Idaho National Laboratory with research interests in a wide range of carbon materials.  He is currently involved in the micro-structural characterization of nuclear grade graphites (pre- and post-irradiation), development of microstructure-based oxidation models for high purity carbon materials, characterization and process optimization of carbon matrix materials for nuclear fuels, and the growth of ultra-long vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays.
Joshua has been involved in several multidisciplinary collaborations with university researchers  within Idaho and internationally and is always eager to pursue new collaborations.
His background is in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science.  He obtained his Bachelors (2009) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Idaho.  He earned his Masters and PhD (2013) from Boise State University in Materials Science and Engineering.
Joshua has been an invited peer reviewer for several journals including the Journal American Society for Testing and Materials-Selected Technical Papers, Journal of Applied Surface Science, Carbon, Progress in Nuclear Energy, and Journal of Nuclear Materials.


​Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering - Boise State University

M.E., Materials Science and Engineering - Boise State University

B.S., Chemical Engineering - University of Idaho


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J. Kane, C. Karthik, R. Ubic, W.E. Windes, D. P. Butt, An Oxygen Transfer Model for High purity Graphite Oxidation, Carbon, 59, 49-64 (2013).


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C. Karthik, J. Kane, D. P. Butt, W. Windes, and R. Ubic, “In Situ Transmission Electron Microscopy of Electron-Beam Damage Processes in Nuclear Grade Graphite,” J. Nucl. Mater., 412, 321-326 (2011).

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