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Tammie Borders, Ph.D.

Research Scientist and Industry Coordination

Research Areas:

Dr. Tammie Borders has over 15 years' experience in engineering, research and development, and capture and program management. Her research interests include materials modeling and applying physics-based algorithms and analytics to derive knowledge from large, complex data sets for a variety of applications. She has applied her cross-disciplinary technical background to a number of research problems, including information fusion and threat characterization algorithms, and designing nanotechnology-reinforced materials for structural and RADAR applications. She was a key contributor in the incubation and growth of new core competencies such as femtosecond laser technology for sensing and materials applications as well as an integrated computational materials and systems engineering approach to reduce the timeline and cost of getting new materials into defense products. She holds a Ph.D. in computational physical chemistry from the University of North Texas, and was selected as one of 100 rising talent at Lockheed Martin in 2009.


​Ph.D., Computational Physical Chemistry - University of North Texas

M.S., Chemistry - University of North Texas

M.S., Physics - University of North Texas

B.S., Physics - Stephen F. Austin State University


Borders, T. L.; Fonseca, A.; Zhang, H.; Cho, K.; Rusinko, A., Developing Descriptors to Predict Mechanical Properties of Nanotubes. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 2013, 53 (4), 773-782.


Fonseca, A. F.; Lee, G.; Borders, T. L.; Zhang, H.; Kemper, T. W.; Shan, T.-R.; Sinnott, S. B.; Cho, K., Reparameterization of the REBO-CHO potential for graphene oxide molecular dynamics simulations. Physical Review B 2011, 84 (7), 075460.


Zhang, H.; Lee, G.; Fonseca, A. F.; Borders, T. L.; Cho, K., Isotope effect on the thermal conductivity of graphene. J. Nanomaterials 2010, 2010, 1-4.


Needleman, A.; Borders, T. L.; Brinson, L. C.; Flores, V. M.; Schadler, L. S., Effect of an interphase region on debonding of a CNT reinforced polymer composite. Composites Science and Technology 2010, 70 (15), 2207-2215.


Fonseca, A. F.; Borders, T.; Baughman, R. H.; Cho, K., Load transfer between cross-linked walls of a carbon nanotube. Physical Review B 2010, 81 (4), 045429.

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