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Larry Dean Harding

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Larry Dean Harding has worked at the Idaho National Laboratory since 1984, when he went to work at the Naval Reactors Facility, serving as a technical consultant on projects related to defueling and refueling the S5G and A1W prototype naval reactors. He holds a bachelor’s in nuclear engineering from Idaho State University. His current position is as an advisory engineer at the Idaho Research Center, developing a process and corresponding database for the DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy to better align international resources with mission objectives for multilateral R&D activities. In an assignment to DOE headquarters, he provided direct support to the International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation (IFNEC), a forum for cooperation among participating states to explore mutually beneficial approaches to ensure the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. He now leads an Integrated Product Team whose scope is to develop a process that will have the ability to create dynamic detailed technology roadmaps that will holistically integrate Army requirements that will lead and guide research, and then provide the traceability for the acquisition of materials.

As a INL project manager, he managed construction of the first “small footprint, low cost” compressed liquid natural gas station in the United States, producing a liquefaction prototype system for Pacific Gas and Electric Company and Southern California Gas Company.


​B.S., Nuclear Engineering - Idaho State University

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