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Jodie Boyce

Research and Development Engineer

Research Areas:
Unmanned Systems


Jodie Boyce is a research and development engineer with more than 27 years of experience both at the Idaho National Laboratory and Department of Defense sites. He holds a degree in electronics and electro-mechanical engineering from Idaho State University and has done further study in robotics and cryogenic engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. Since 1989, when he came to INL, he has participated in unmanned air vehicle and unmanned ground vehicle projects, designing and fabricating of instrumentation, video, control and support equipment, air frame and system integration. He has performed engineering work for the INL Hyper Spectral Imaging Data collection and Biomass Process Demonstration-Deployment Unit. He has installed and tested safety systems and enclosure design for the Yucca Mountain Waste Package Closure Project. He built and interfaced virtual reality circuit boards, 3D glasses and power gloves to IBM PC for testing and evaluation.
He is co-inventor on Augmented Reality for advanced command and control for multiple unmanned vehicles, also co-inventor on control software licensed with QinetiQ North America.


‚ÄčA.S., Electronics, Electro-Mechanical - Idaho State University

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